Payroll is one of the top expenses for any business. It’s the reason why financial services like Intuit Online Payroll are so popular. And it’s all because of how valuable personnel truly is. Employees are the ones who do the grunt work and help your company succeed. Studies have shown that a high turnover rate is usually due to poor management and can reflect negatively on both the business and business owner, making it important to keep your employees around and satisfied with their employment. So how do you accomplish that?


Here are the top 5 ways to keep employees happy:


1. Leave the work for business hours

Top 5 Ways To Keep Employees Happy

If your business hours are 9-5, everyone should be out that door at 5PM sharp. That doesn’t mean they can leave at 5, but are expected to work at home to finish what they’re working on. That means at 5, they leave their work behind in the office to be picked up at 9AM the next morning. The stress of taking work home or staying late every night can result in negative feelings or resentment towards the company. 


2. Relax the dress code

This doesn’t mean allow your employees to wear pajamas every day (although that would definitely be a huge incentive!), but you should at least give employees room for individuality. Even business attire can be mixed and matched. Don’t impose a strict dress code. Let them have the freedom to choose their outfit each day. Your employees aren’t all the same and they don’t all do the same job, so they shouldn’t have to look like it. Plus, being yourself in the workplace promotes creativity and productivity — so it’s a win-win!


3. Encourage education and training

Always allow room for improvement by providing your staff with the resources they need to expand their knowledge base. Whether this is in the form of attending conferences or simply paying for online courses and training seminars, your employees should always want to learn more and do more for you. But it shouldn’t come out of their pocket. Look up education service reviews to find the program that is the best investment for your office.


4. Be available

Top 5 Ways To Keep Employees Happy

An open-door policy is the best policy. Your staff should feel like they can come to you about any problems or with any questions. Engage with them. Show them you care about them as people and not simply as your minions.


5. Keep them fed

A happy employee is a full one! Stock your kitchen with snacks, coffee, and tea to show your team you appreciate their hard work. Pizza Fridays or Taco Tuesdays are also a cost-effective way to brighten up their week and keep them well-fed. Give them something to look forward to so they will want to work hard and create results.


Overall, the most important way to ensure your company is generating an income is to see your employees as a valuable investment. They are the ones that are going to carry you to the top. It is your job to inspire them to want to be the ones to take you there.


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