You’re a creative person and you’re wondering what kind of career field you should enter or what type of business service you should start. Well, look no further because we’ve compiled a list of the best jobs for creatives!


Whether you like working with your hands or thinking of new ideas, here are 5 of the best career fields for creative people:


1. Marketing

Marketing strategies.


Did reading that make you cringe or did it pique your interest? If it grabbed your attention, then you should consider looking for a position within a marketing team! You’ll be able to generate and implement new ideas and then monitor their performance.


2. Education


Specifically education for the early years and the older years. Teachers of young grades like preschool, kindergarten, and middle school get to spend all day interacting and playing with kids who also love getting artsy. On the other hand, at the post-secondary education level, college professors get to create their own syllabus and teach with a better amount of freedom. Express your creative side at any level using education services online from your home.


3. Blogging


Blogging IS an industry — and a very prosperous one at that! Whether you like fashion, cooking, or poetry, invest in starting up a website or utilizing a video platform like YouTube. If your channel earns enough traffic every month and reels in a large enough audience, you could earn some big bucks through advertising or sponsors.


4. Design

Prefer to organize or build or draw? Design could be a great avenue for you to pursue. Architectural, interior, and graphic design are perfect outlets for those who enjoy coming up with ideas then bringing them to life.


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5. Entertainment


Maybe the typical work grind isn’t for you. Maybe you’d flourish better in a more spontaneous, adventurous atmosphere… like in the entertainment industry. Start vlogging, take up acting, sing, or perform. There are various jobs available in the entertainment field that will enable you to let your creative light shine, you just have to find the one that works best for you.


Don’t suppress your creativity when it comes to work! Whatever makes your heart skip a beat, pursue it and make a living from it.



Thanks for reading! 

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Top 5 Career Fields For Creative People (INFOGRAPHIC)