Take surveys and earn real cash today with Survey Junkie! Give your opinions about products, brands, and services to earn points. Points you earn can be redeemed on PayPal or for digital gift cards (Amazon, Target, Starbucks, etc).

* Must be 16+ years old to join Survey Junkie.

More About Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie – Take surveys and get paid via PayPal or digital gift cards. It’s that simple! Give insightful opinions about products, services, and brands to help companies improve and grow. Survey Junkie has been proven to help people earn cash with its millions of users.

Users can choose to participate in one of two communities: SJ Opinion or SJ Pulse Community. With SJ Opinion, you can participate in focus groups and take surveys in exchange for rewards. For SJ Pulse, automatically share your browsing history in exchange for rewards. Your browsing history that can be tracked includes searches, websites you visit, ads you see, online shopping activity, and more.

Survey Junkie is available on any device and promises to keep your personal information and opinions private.