PROS: DVD copy software available for Windows and Mac; Quick video conversion; Supports a wide range of different formats; Lots of templates to choose from; An editing tool to perfect each clip


CONS: Limited technical support options


BOTTOM LINE: Wondershare DVD Creator walks the user through turning audio, video, and still clips into dynamic DVDs. If you still enjoy watching DVDs or having hard copy videos, this is a great product for you.


SUMMARY: DVD Creator from Wondershare is a video-to-DVD converting tool that enables users to burn any video, image, or audio file onto a DVD quickly. The end result is a custom movie or slideshow of the user’s choosing, complete with music and enhancements. DVD Creator is available for both Mac and Windows.


Wondershare DVD Creator

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What Does Wondershare DVD Creator Do?

Have you ever wished you could take your photos from a memorable event, add appropriate music, and create a personal movie? With Wondershare DVD Creator, you can do exactly that with your favorite pictures as well as with videos you’ve taken. The program supports a wide array of platforms for photos (BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and ICO), audio (MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, and M4A to name a few), and video (MP4, WMV, MOV, MOD, HD AVI, and HD MOV, along with many others).   


Our Findings

More than five million people have already downloaded Wondershare DVD Creator to turn their beloved photos and videos into lasting creations. Perhaps that’s because it’s much easier to carry along a DVD for viewing instead of lugging a heavy photo album full of pictures.


The entire process of creating your own movies takes very minimal effort. Drag-and-drop capabilities let you pull your video and pictures into the program, add the template of your choice, and select music tracks. Next, use Wondershare’s built-in editor to polish up the movie. Finally, preview the movie with real-time effects and burn it to a DVD… and that’s it!


DVD Creator takes about a half hour to convert an hour of video, which is much quicker than many of the competitor products available. The speed of conversion is superb.


There are several self-support options that can be utilized right from Wondershare’s website. Product FAQs and program manuals are full of details so that anyone can gain a quick education on how DVD Creator works and gather the main fundamentals about how to best use it. If issues arise and the documentation isn’t providing a resolution, online chat support will help.


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Key Features

  • Free Templates: To fully customize each movie you plan to create, this Wondershare software provides more than 40 free static and dynamic DVD templates containing music, images, and fonts that complement your material. For example, the holiday template offers scenes with snow and ornaments to place your pictures in and play during family get togethers.
  • Perfect Movies: Whether it’s photos of your grandparents that you don’t want ruined, a movie commemorating your son’s 18th birthday, or a visual presentation of your family’s trip to Europe, DVD Creator has your back. Taking you step-by-step, the product lets you commemorate those beautiful moments you don’t want to forget that can be enjoyed on any DVD player. Treasured memories and special event recaps can be given as priceless gifts for others or kept for a lifetime.
  • Editor: To ensure that every movie looks great, a built-in editor tool combines different methods for crisper, brighter video. Rotate, crop, and trim files clips to get rid of letter boxes or timestamps. Brightness, contrast, and saturation can be adjusted to ensure that the clip looks just right. Add text to photos for personalization purposes. Toss in favorite music tracks for more enjoyment, and more.
  • Self-Help Documentation: Wondershare’s website contains a guide complete with pictures to take you through the steps of installing, using, and uninstalling the software. 


Needs Improvement

All support options are online. Even if you need to speak with someone directly at Wondershare, the mode of communication is via chat, which may be frustrating if you’d prefer to make a phone call.


User Skill/Experience Required

Minimal experience is needed to turn your audio, video, and still clips into DVDs. Simple instructions to get started are provided and other help is available throughout the entire process.


Pricing & Where to Buy Wondershare DVD Creator


  • For Windows, users can purchase a one-year license that supports one user and one computer for $39.95. A lifetime license (one PC) costs $45.95 and a lifetime family license (2-5 users) at $124.95 are also possible choices.
  • For the Mac user, the options are: $49/one user for a lifetime license (one system); $132.95/multi-user license (2-5 computers); and $249.95/multi-user license (2-6 Mac-based computers). 


Several payment options are available, and Wondershare can also be contacted for pricing for business users. The company does offer a free trial for this software as well. To learn more, start your free trial, or purchase DVD Creator for Windows or Mac, visit Wondershare’s official website here.