PROS: Unlimited access to all region codes and copy protection systems; Capabilities for burning and copying from severely scratched DVDs; Perfect 1:1 ratios; Fast 12-to-17-minute burn times for full movies; Easy organization and editing of titles, chapters, and navigation; Support for 9 DVD backup schemes


CONS: Lacks the ability to compress DVD content onto smaller capacity blank discs (you need a disc with the same capacity as the DVD you are copying)


BOTTOM LINE: WinX DVD Copy Pro is perfect for Windows 10 users who want to copy, burn, or backup DVDs without any region or copy protection limitations.


SUMMARY: WinX DVD Copy Pro by Digiarty enables Windows 10 users to copy, clone, burn, and backup DVDs in any region. This powerful DVD copy software offers the ability to copy DVD to DVD, or create ISO files for later burning and ripping. Without any third party decrypters, this product allows you to copy any DVD of your choosing, regardless of protection systems.


WinX DVD Copy Pro by Digiarty

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What Does WinX DVD Copy Pro Do?

WinX DVD Copy Pro is a video copying software specifically designed to enable Windows 10 users to backup DVDs, clone discs, copy ISO files for later burning, and copy DVD to MPEG2. This program keeps all content intact for usage in media centers, DVD libraries, and playback. You can also mount ISO to virtual drives and copy DVD to DVD without damage or loss. This powerful WinX product offers users the ability to copy DVDs in any region, free from third party decrypters and code limitations.


Our Findings

Our testers found WinX DVD Copy Pro to be extremely easy to use and full of excellent features, including unlimited access and the ability to copy literally any type of DVD in any region and protection system. Even Disney’s Fake and Sony ARccOS Bad Sector were supported.


Testers could also copy from DVDs that were severely scratched, and the results were flawless. The sector-by-sector mode ensured all copied data was original in quality, structure, and content. The ability to copy full DVDs with perfect 1:1 ratios within 12 to 17 minutes proved fast and convenient. Results were crystal clear, including audio. Testers could even organize DVD audio data, titles, and chapters. This software fully supported 9 DVD backup schemes, and copies of DVDs to MPEGs came out in beautiful quality.


WinX DVD Copy Pro enabled users to copy D-9 to D-9 and D-5 to D-5,  as well as clone DVD video and audio data to blank DVD-/+R, DVD-/+RW, and DVD RAM. Virtually all types of DVD players, disc drives, and burners were supported. Testers could also copy DVDs to ISO files or DVD folders for later usage if they didn’t have a blank disc readily available. This content was able to be used later for burning, cloning, copying, backup, or playback.


Chapter, title, and menu edits were easy and fully functional. WinX DVD Copy Pro offered a host of tools for customization of created DVDs in terms of navigation and audio options. Additionally, this software is constantly updated, so even the latest DVD protections will always be completely bypassable. This software also featured attentive technical support, free upgrades, and a money back guarantee.


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Key Features

  • Unlimited access to all region codes and copy protection systems
  • Capabilities for burning and copying from severely scratched DVDs
  • D-9 to D-9, D-5 to D-5, DVD to DVD-/+R and DVD-/+RW
  • Create ISO files for later use
  • Perfect 1:1 ratios without loss of quality
  • Fast 12-to-17 burn times for full movies
  • Easy organization and editing of titles, chapters, and navigation
  • Support for 9 different DVD backup schemes
  • DVD to MPEG capability


Needs Improvement

WinX DVD Copy Pro doesn’t offer the ability to compress copied DVD content onto a smaller capacity blank disc. This is a very small con, however, considering the full access to any region and lack of protection limitations offered by this type of software.


User Skill/Experience Required

WinX DVD Copy Pro is easy to download and install. It also offers a simple-to-navigate interface and step-by-step instructions. Anyone of any experience level can copy, burn, backup, and clone DVDs with this program.


Pricing & Where to Buy WinX DVD Copy Pro

WinX DVD Copy Pro costs $49.95. To purchase or learn more about this software, visit WinX DVD’s official website here.