PROS: Removes files that slow down PCs; Reporting capabilities; Available in a free version


CONS: May not work against viruses or other malware


BOTTOM LINE: Computers, even new ones, can slow down and run at less than peak performance as they become heavily loaded with unnecessary files and graphics from web surfing and other tasks. WinPure PC Cleanup scans the affected system and gets rid of those lingering files so that the computer can resume functioning normally and efficiently.


SUMMARY: Getting rid of unnecessary files and programs is a must to keep a computer running at optimum efficiency, but having to manually handle this chore alone can be time consuming and ineffective. Besides, most of us aren’t exactly sure which files need to be removed and which should be kept. WinPure PC Cleanup scans the system and reports back to the user on which files can be deleted safely in an effort to clean up your PC and get it working better and faster again.


WinPure PC Cleanup


What Does WinPure PC Cleanup Do?

Over time as individuals surf the web, click on links, and view online files, their PCs and laptops can become sluggish and work at less than optimal performance. This occurs because the links and online files leave behind a “residue” of sorts, ultimately leading to a slow-running system. WinPure PC Cleanup is a utility software that eliminates useless files to return the affected system to peak efficiency.


Our Findings

Slow computer performance can be extremely frustrating, especially when trying to complete simple tasks like opening emails or switching documents takes an eternity. Trying disk defragmenter and system cleanup may help but not much. Even deleting programs that seem to be hogging memory doesn’t always improve system performance. Many people don’t have the time to sift through their programs and files and figure out which ones they can or should get rid of. That’s where WinPure PC Cleanup 2015 comes in.


We tested WinPure PC Cleanup 2015 on our office computers and were impressed by the results. The program found and got rid of duplicate files on all of our systems, freeing up valuable memory and disk space, while cleaning and optimizing the system. When the tool finished its job, the end result was that our systems now run more efficiently and much faster. 


The software was easy to use and didn’t take much time at all. There were also different methods of cleaning out computers: Quick Clean and Deep Clean.


For a very basic scan, Quick Clean alleviates unused and unneeded files. It works quickly, making it a handy tool to use daily. After the scan runs, it submits a list of the files it has found for your review where you can then choose to keep or remove the files. Finally, a report will be provided of the number and size of files that were found and trashed. It’s as easy as that.


The Deep Clean feature runs much like the Quick Clean option in that it reports back to the user on which files can be removed. However, the module conducts a more in-depth scan and is a must-have for anyone who reviews and/or downloads a large amount of graphics and picture files, both of which can really bog down a system. Once the Deep Clean scan is completed, the computer’s hard drive will run more efficiently.


WinPure PC Cleanup 2015 Review | Computer Utility Software


Key Features

  • Easy to Use: Instead of tasking the user with manually looking up programs and files and trying to determine which ones should be removed, WinPure PC Cleanup does all the guesswork, scans the system for more concise cleaning, and then presents the user with a list of files that can be deleted. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.
  • Free of Adware: The last thing anyone needs when running a PC cleaning program is for the software to dump even more system-guzzling files onto it. That’s not the case with WinPure PC Cleanup. It’s 100% free of spyware, adware, and computer viruses (but if you do have viruses, check out our Antivirus Software reviews!).  


Needs Improvement

If a system is running slow due to a computer virus or spyware, WinPure PC Cleanup may not be enough to get rid of the malicious files. 


User Skill/Experience Required

WinPure PC Cleanup is quite simple to use and requires little technical expertise.


Pricing & Where to Buy WinPure PC Cleanup

WinPure PC Cleanup 2015 Premium Edition costs $49.99. This price covers a full year subscription, software updates, priority support, and additional features including the Deep Clean scan and auto-scheduling so that scans can be performed at specified times. To learn more or purchase this software, visit WinPure’s official website here.