PROS: Add a watermark as text, image, or a combination of both; QR code; Supports various image formats; Designed for Windows systems; Batch editor capabilities; 50% discount off the full price using links on this page


CONS: Not suitable for Mac based systems


BOTTOM LINE: Don’t let your branded photos go uncredited by somebody who took them from you. Safeguard those photos with a simple solution: Watermark Software for Business. 


SUMMARY: Although watermarking is often an afterthought, it’s a process that shouldn’t be forgotten if you don't want your images to end up in use by someone else. Watermarking protects photos by overlaying wording, images, or a mix of both, and is visible each time the photo is viewed. Watermark Software for Business is a tool that supports a number of popular image formats and guides users into placing watermarks into their photos with ease.


Watermark Software for Business


What Does Watermark Software for Business Do?

Photos that are constantly being shared around online with others through texts, emails, blogs, and social media, which means your images could potentially end up in someone else’s hands. Any of your photos, with the faces of your employees included, could be used on web sites or other social media accounts without your permission or without proper attribution. Watermark Software adds a hefty dose of protection by applying a watermark to those photos to prevent them from being illegally or inappropriately used or distributed.


Our Findings

Among the most popular watermarks is text, but there are various ways to make the text fully branded and customized in your images. Watermark Software allows users to adjust the typeface, size, place, and color of the text. The end result is an overlaid watermark that is a perfect match to your company.


There’s nothing better than a tool that can do a lot more than what it is marketed for. Although Watermark Software for Business is intended to process images with watermarks, it can also be used as a batch editor. Add frames or covers, resize photos by pixels or percentages, rename batches of images, and crop your pics with this software. 


Watermark Software for Business is intended for use with the Windows operating system. It supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.


Key Features

  • Undeniable ease-of-use: With Watermark Software for Business, the steps involved in stamping your photos with a watermark are simple and straightforward. It’s as easy as loading your photos, adding the watermark, and then outputting the images — that’s it!
  • Types of watermarks: Some companies may want their images watermarked with text. Other organizations may prefer using images for watermarks, like logos, for example. Others may even select a watermark that uses both text and image. Watermark Software supports all three of these options, so your company can select the type that best suits its needs.
  • QR code: Maybe the traditional watermark of text or an image isn’t what your business needs. Perhaps you’d like something that adds a bit more information to your photos. Watermark Software can do that with a QR code — a square black pattern containing a barcode with encoded data. Once that code is scanned with a smartphone app, the viewer has the details of whatever information you chose to include.
  • Speedy batch processing: Think that adding a watermark to images is a tedious process? Think again. Watermark Software can process over 300 photos in one minute. So, within 60 seconds, you could potentially have hundreds of photos watermarked using one automated program.
  • Image formats: Watermark Software supports the most popular image formats including JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TGA, TIF, ICO, and PCX.


Needs Improvement

This software is currently available only for Windows and doesn’t support the Macintosh operating system.


User Skill/Experience Required

A simple yet thorough tutorial walks the user through how to best utilize Watermark Software for Business. It’s designed for users of all technical strengths, but should be a relatively easy tool to learn and utilize.


In addition to the vendor’s online tutorial, users may access the Watermark Software FAQ page to answer their questions. For issues that require assistance, users may send an email to customer support. A staff member will return emails within 24 hours of receipt.


Pricing & Where to Buy Watermark Software for Business

  • The software package typically costs $49.90 but WonderFox Soft (the parent company) is currently offering Watermark Software for Business for 50% off at the low price of $24.90.
  • There is also a free offer available for those who want to test the service before fully purchasing.

To learn more, start a free trial, or purchase the software, visit the official Watermark Software for Business website here.