PROS: Very simple to use; Fast installation process; Different burning options and achieving features


CONS: Compressed file quality is a bit rough


BOTTOM LINE: This software is a high-quality choice and offers a variety of features to produce quality DVD copies.



SUMMARY: Tipard DVD Cloner is easy to figure out and serves as a great DVD copy software. It ranks as one of our team's favorite programs, but its compression time prevents it from being the top pick. 


Tipard DVD Cloner 6

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What does Tipard DVD Cloner 6 do?

Tipard DVD Cloner 6 software can easily be used to create exact copies of the original DVD and create a virtual DVD allowing the software to save the disc’s IOS file to your computer. This file can be burned onto another DVD or used in a DVD player program. You can easily archive files into a virtual library and make more copies in the future without needing the original disc ever again.


Tipard DVD Cloner 6 Review | Top 5 Power Guide


Our Findings

Tipard DVD Cloner’s installation process was very simple and direct. Our testers liked that it didn’t take more than 3 minutes. The software was up and running in no time which was great and saved a lot of time compared to other programs.


This DVD burner is also easy to utilize. When you finally put a DVD into the computer and start the program, you are given three options for copying:


  • Full Disk: This option burns everything from the original DVD, including the main movie, menus, etc.
  • Main Movie: This option takes away everything except the full movie so no extras get burned onto the new disc.
  • Custom: You can easily choose exactly what you want to be included onto your new disk.


If you are looking to make a duplicate of the original DVD, you have to download it onto a blank DVD-9 to make a copy in Full Disk mode with the best results possible. If you are looking to make smaller, you can use blank DVD-5 if you’d like.


Key Features

  • Very simple to use
  • Fast installation process
  • Different burning options and achieving features


Needs Improvement

The quality of a compressed file is a little rough but everything else looks and runs perfectly smooth.


User Skill/Experience Required

As a beginner, this is the way to go. From the quick and easy installation to the quality end product, this program is extremely user-friendly for people of all experience levels.


Pricing & Where To Buy Tipard DVD Cloner 6

Tipard DVD Cloner 6 costs $55. To purchase or learn more, visit Tipard’s official website here.