PROS: Live control panel for users to access all target phone data in real-time; Compatible with iOS, Android devices including iPods and tablets; Ability to monitor phone calls and texts, including deleted messages, and other data; Track phone location via GPS; Device diagnostics


CONS: Must purchase one license key for each device you wish to monitor; Apple devices must be jailbroken in order to use the app


BOTTOM LINE: If you’re a parent of teenagers with smartphones or an employer who manages employees with company-provided devices, Surepoint Spy is an effective iPhone or Android mobile monitoring software option to look into that works just as well as more popular apps like DDI Utilities and Highster Mobile.


SUMMARY: Surepoint Spy is a cell phone spy software that offers over 24 powerful mobile monitoring features, including the ability to extract, view, and record real-time data from a target phone. Users are provided with a real-time control panel with constantly updated information from the monitored device.


Surepoint Spy

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What Does Surepoint Spy Do?

Surepoint Spy mobile monitoring software is a powerful phone spy app which extracts data from a target phone and uploads into the user control panel in real-time. This app is specifically designed for parents and employers to protect their families and businesses by closely monitoring the way their kids and employees use their smartphones.


There are various features offered by Surepoint, including the ability to track a phone’s location by GPS locator, read texts and call logs, access camera and video roll content, and more.


Our Findings

Surepoint easily installed onto the cell phones we have in our office. This product had been tested on an iPhone 6S as well as a Samsung Galaxy to ensure the software works on both iOS and Android devices — and it sure did/does!



Surepoint Spy Review | Cell Phone Spy Software | Top 5 Power Guide


All content from the target phone was consistently updated in the user dashboard in real-time. Any activity was recorded and logged almost immediately, except for the GPS location feature which took about five minutes to refresh. The phone’s location will appear on a map in case a phone is lost/stolen or you just need to find out where the phone’s user is at any time. Ingoing, outgoing, past, and deleted calls and texts (including timestamps and dates), emails, browser history, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Whatsapp, LineChat and other social media app activity is all recorded and viewable in no time, as it’s being done.


The Remote Camera feature is unique in that it enables users to actually capture photos from the target device’s camera WITHOUT accessing the phone. This is useful in case you want to see the surroundings of the phone in case an employee or child is not answering. These remotely taken images can be taken, saved, and downloaded via the app.


Our testers even attempted to uninstall the app from the target phone, and it was done just as quickly as it was installed. Something that most stood out to them was that pre-existing data that had already been uploaded into the system stayed and was not lost after the software uninstallation.


Key Features

  • Live control panel
  • Monitor phone calls
  • View text messages
  • Track GPS location
  • Read emails
  • View camera roll photos and videos
  • Monitor social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Skype
  • Access contact lists
  • Read notes and calendar
  • Lock target phone
  • Remote Camera
  • Device diagnostics
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Helpful customer support

Surepoint Spy Review | Cell Phone Spy Software | Top 5 Power Guide


Needs Improvement

Each license key works with only one device. If you have more than one child or employee whose phone you want to monitor, you need to purchase a license key for each one, which can get expensive. Also Apple devices must be jailbroken in order to use the app (see disclaimer at bottom of the website).


User Skill/Experience Required

Surepoint can be used by anybody with any level of tech/software experience. It is extremely quick to install with a 3-step process, and just as easy to use with a simple yet comprehensive user dashboard.


Pricing & Where to Buy Surepoint Spy

Surepoint Spy can be purchased for the one-time price of $69.99. To learn more or buy now, visit Surepoint’s official website here.