PROS: Security and encryption for devices on different platforms; Multiple file and folder syncing


CONS: More expensive than other offerings; Requires credit card to use free trial


BOTTOM LINE: Why take the chance that you could lose something that means the world to you like the video of your baby taking her first steps or pictures from your wedding? Make sure these precious memories and all of your critical files and folders are protected by using SugarSync, an easy-to-use file syncing and data recovery service. SugarSync is an excellent offering for consumers and business users alike.


SUMMARY: SugarSync differentiates itself from some of the other data recovery services in the marketplace by syncing multiple files at once, which saves time and protects data. With strong encryption and TLS security as well as storage to the cloud, the last things you’ll ever need to worry about are the protection and availability of your files.




What Is SugarSync?

SugarSync is a digital service for recovering data and syncing files. Even if you upgrade a smartphone or get hit with a computer virus, the files you treasure most (i.e. pictures, videos, and anything else) that you’ve saved with SugarSyc won’t be lost. Once you begin backing up your folders, you’ll be able to access them at any time from any location and from any PC, Mac, iOS, or Android system.


Our Findings

Whereas competitor offerings require you to drag-and-drop each file that you’d like to sync, SugarSync doesn’t work that way. Instead you can conveniently sync multiple files at once, to different types of devices, platforms, and systems, so you could be working on a file on your Mac at work and finish that same file on your home PC. The service also keeps the past five versions of all of your files so that if you need to go back and reference something from a prior version, you can do so seamlessly.


Forget sending a file via email. Share your files so that everyone on your team has the latest copy. When recipients click on the link, they can download the file(s) immediately.


One of SugarSync’s greatest assets is the ability to remotely wipe synchronized files from a PC or a Mac-based computer. What if your computer was stolen? What would happen to your critical files? Remotely wipe the data from the stolen device and no one will have access to that information. But just because you scrapped the data from the device doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. Since SugarSync stores data in the cloud, you can still access it or sync it to a replacement device from anywhere at anytime.


Furthermore, your data is accessible no matter where you are courtesy of the SugarSync apps that are available for Android and iOS. With these apps, you can view your data, edit documents, and even send files from your mobile device.


Of course, security is a big issue these days, so you’re probably wondering how safe your data is with SugarSync. The software transfers data to its servers using TLS (Transport Layer Security) and then stores it in the cloud using AES 256-bit encryption. What does all this mean? SugarSync utilizes rigorous security methods to ensure that your data is and stays protected at all times.


Key Features

  • Encryption and data security
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Easy file sharing
  • Sync files across multiple devices and systems


Needs Improvement

  • A credit card is required for taking advantage of the free trial offer.
  • Compared to some of the other companies that offer the same services, SugarSync can be considered a bit on the expensive side.


User Skill/Experience Required

Using SugarSync takes very little effort and is an extremely convenient option for sharing data and files across devices and users. 


Pricing & Where to Buy SugarSync

SugarSync offers five convenient plans – three for individuals and two for businesses.

  • Individual plans: 100 GB ($7.49/month), 250 GB ($9.99/month), 500 GB ($18.95/month)
  • Business plans: 1,000 GB for up to nine users ($55.00/month) or as a customized program for 10 or more users
  • If you’re interested in trying out SugarSync before purchasing, you can obtain a free 30-day trial that offers 5 GB for syncing.

To learn more or try this software today, visit SugarSync’s official website here.