PROS: Customizable, fun, and engaging system; Students learn at their own pace; Courses offered in all major subjects; Available for all states and tailored to their specific educational standards


CONS: Students may lose interest due to repetition


BOTTOM LINE: If your child is falling behind or needs a little extra help in areas like math and language arts, Study Island is an online program that encourages kids to learn in a fun, exciting educational environment.


SUMMARY: Study Island is a web-based educational system for students in grades k-12 and is available for both at-home learning and as a supplement to in-school instruction. Students master concepts that they may have previously struggled with by playing games and reading books. Study Island offers help in ELA, math, science, and social studies courses, along with practice and classroom assessments for parents and teachers to monitor progress and analyze how well the student is learning. 


Study Island


What Does Study Island Do?

Today’s technology can really encourage students to enjoy learning new concepts while teaching them at their own individual pace. Study Island is a web-based educational software package designed for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. It enables students to reach state-specific, grade level academic standards using methods that are fun, engaging, and encouraging so they are better-prepared for standardized testing. Study Island comes in two versions: one for the home (so that kids can catch up or work on additional materials) and one for the classroom environment.


Our Findings

Individual states have different requirements for education. These standards are milestones that note which educational concepts students should know by certain grades in school. Teachers follow educational standards, basing their lessons and instruction on them to help educate students in the concepts they must learn. Study Island is a supplement for teachers or students being home-schooled, which allows them to keep up, catch up, or get ahead on these standards in order to succeed in the school environment. Study Island is available for all states, including the District of Columbia, meaning that it caters to the educational needs of each and every state. For example, Study Island’s content for the state of New York is built around New York State Learning Standards and Common Core Standards to help students prepare for the NYS 3-8 Assessment.


All courses are geared towards elementary, middle, and high school students.  There are materials for each of the major subjects, including math, ELA, social studies, and science.


Study Island boosts learning for students when they are at home and puts them in control of what they want to learn. Educational games are fun and engaging for students as they grasp the concepts that they were previously struggling with. Parents can quickly identify the areas where their children are having problems, customize their lessons, and track their progress.


To assess how well students retain the information that they are reading, Study Island’s graphic novels are designed to grab the reader’s attention through exciting text and illustrations. The storylines contain vocabulary words that students must know at their specific grade level and learners are assessed on their understanding of the materials using Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives.


Students receive instantaneous feedback when using Study Island. A correct answer provides a gold star. An incorrect answer results in a text box stating that the student got the question wrong, allowing he or she to choose another answer. The text box also provides a detailed explanation of the question.


Key Features

  • All states and grade levels
  • Focus on reading comprehension
  • Homework supplements
  • Progress tracking and analytics


Needs Improvement

Many of the games are geared towards younger students. Older students may find some of the games to be monotonous. The repetition of the system can cause students to lose interest.


User Skill/Experience Required

Study Island is intuitive, customizable, and fun and has been designed to be simple for children to use. There shouldn’t be any issues with gauging the system or moving on to new lessons. However, if support is needed, parents may contact a toll-free number or use email for assistance.


Pricing & Where to Buy Study Island

There are several ways to use Study Island:


  • For one student, the monthly price is typically $15, but with the special code SUMMER the price drops by 20% to only $13.50 per month. The yearly plan is usually $10 per month, but using the SUMMER code reduces the price to $9 per month (billed all at one time annually).
  • Family plans for multiple students are also available and the SUMMER code results in even more savings ($22.50 per month for the month-to-month option or $16 per month with the annual subscription).
  • A free trial offer can show students their learning potential and ensure that parents are going to receive a return on their investment before actually purchasing a subscription.
  • Schools who would like pricing information must contact Study Island directly by filling out a quote form on the company website.


To purchase Study Island or try it for free today, visit the official website here.