Easy to use photo editing software with manual and automatic photo enhancement options.


  • User-friendly photo enhancer with manual and automatic capabilities.
  • Background removal and deletion of unwanted objects in images.
  • Incredible file manager.
  • Inexpensive software with a variety of plans depending on your needs.
  • Easy to find through any browser, quick to download and install.
  • Available for a free trial.



  • Basic photo editing software.
  • Not suitable for professional digital designers/creators.



If you’re an individual with beginner skills or an up-and-coming company looking for a budget-friendly photo editing software that’s easy to utilize and straightforward, then SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor is what you’re looking for.



This simple picture editing software can dispense quality image editing and enhancement capabilities for people with basic photo editing skills. SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor also comes with features like red-eye correction, flipping and rotating images, brightness and contrast control, white balancing, etc. The file manager is also very convenient and easy to navigate if you’re looking to find, select and remove duplicate or similar files. Rudimentary to perform automatic or manual editing features, it can sharpen image quality, remove undesirable blemishes and objects, do horizon leveling, and add a desired frame to your photos.


SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor

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What Is The SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor?

SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor is an image enhancer and editor to improve photos, allowing its users to manually or automatically augment pictures, as well as sharpen details and also remove unappealing blemishes or objects.

This software also has vital tools like horizon leveling capability and red-eye correction, improving brightness and contrast, adjusting white balance, horizontal and vertical flipping, and 360 degrees rotation.

The operator of this software can also make great use of the program’s integrated file manager to scan thoroughly their photo album and identify or delete duplicate or similar images.

With choices for people from all walks of life, SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor is available whether for personal or commercial use. This simple yet ideal picture editor provides the ability to choose the best resolution, perform advanced sharpening enhancements, and achieve optimal results for producing photos for your digital media platforms or add value to your websites. 

Simply put, SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor offers flexible deals while giving you maximum photo enhancement features.


How To Use The SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor 

Downloading, installing, and utilizing SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor is as easy as 1,2,3. Just visit any internet browser and search for ‘Download SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor or click the download link provided in this article. From there, you can find a link to download the software. Once installed, you can either choose the free trial or move forward with your usage needs whether commercial or personal use. The platform is simple to navigate, and the tools offer seamless accessibility and instructions.

Anyone, even with novice experience can utilize this easy photo editing software to improve, enhance, create and publish spectacular images. Its full range basic photo editing features and affordability make it a great deal for home and corporate needs.


Key Features 

  • Easy to download, install and utilize.
  • Easy to navigate and user-friendly.
  • Manual and automatic image enhancement features.
  • Capable of publishing quality digital photos.
  • Removes undesirable objects.
  • Removes background image.
  • Frame add ons and horizon leveling.
  • Red-eye correction.
  • White balancing.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Home and corporate plans are available.
  • Free trial available.



  • $49.99 for non-commercial personal use (home)
  • $99.99 for commercial corporate use (business)

Both plans offer unlimited usage, free upgrades to updated versions, and unlimited email support. To purchase, start your free trial, or to learn more, visit SoftOrbits’ official website here.


Our Findings

Upon my initial testing, I found this product to be a dynamic tool yet surprisingly easy to use. with its full features, it simply can be anyone’s go-to photo editing software. After I purchased the software, I was automatically sent a keycode within a few minutes via email. With this keycode, any user can download and install the full version of SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor software without any issues.

The SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor platform was easy to go around and navigate, and each design tool was appropriately labeled for the user to effortlessly understand and use. Its Red-eye correction seemed natural and accurate, adjusting brightness and contrast surely added more vibrance to the edited image. Its sharpening tool led to clean and clear output, and its resolution selection gave my images the boost it needed for me to publish high-resolution pictures and crisp clear images for my social media posts and digital needs. I was surprised to see this feature ‘removal of unwanted objects. The removal of unpleasant items from my photos was quick to steer, and the enhanced outcome was impeccable, without any signs that the unwanted objects had ever existed. 

Although I barely use Horizon leveling and picture framing, I find this option an added touch for whoever would need these features. Horizontal and vertical flipping are great tools most of the time with images that have a better appearance when filled, and its rotating tool is an ideal option when it comes to the aesthetic and well-centered composition of images. On the other hand, its white balance adjustment helped me create images that conveyed the looks of my photos sharpness or softness they much needed. Honestly, the background removal option is a gem, this feature made my images stand out. Most importantly, SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor file manager made it so easy for me to browse through my entire photo album, identify unwanted photos, find duplicates, and detect images that were too identical to one another. Deleting unwanted photos was also effortless and hassle-free, and truly a value-added option to have.

All and all, given the circumstances, I find SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor isa must-have editing software for people on a budget, it surely is a one-stop-shop, bang for the buck full-featured simple photo editing software. The fact you can test this photo editing software on its free trial mode with no commitment necessary, adds a great bonus for individuals or companies that would like to do a test run first before pursuing purchasing a full version, were the choices between non-commercial home plan and or a business plan, both are surely very ideally prices compared to its useful capabilities.