PROS: Software is easy to download, install, and use; Automatic and manual image enhancement; Ability to publish beautiful web/social media photos; Home and business plans available; Affordable; Free trial available


CONS: If you work as a professional web designer, you may need a more advanced image editing suite.


BOTTOM LINE: If you’re looking for full-featured, affordable, easy-to-use image enhancement and photo editing software, SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor is the perfect product for you. This software offers plans for non-commercial home use, as well as business, corporate, or government needs.


SUMMARY: SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor provides advanced image editing and enhancement capabilities to individuals of all design experience levels. Users can remove unwanted objects from their photos, perform automatic or manual enhancement tasks, frame images, and sharpen details. SoftOrbits also offers horizon leveling, red-eye correction, brightness and contrast control, white balancing, flipping, rotating, and a range of picture editing tools. The convenient file manager enables you to find, select, and remove duplicates, too-similar images, and other unwanted photos with ease.


SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor

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What Does SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor Do?

SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor enables users to edit, improve, and perfect their images. You can select and remove unwanted objects, automatically or manually enhance pictures, sharpen details, level horizons, and frame photos beautifully.


This powerful software includes a number of dynamic tools for red-eye correction, imperfection fixing, brightness and contrast control, white balance adjustment, framing, flipping, and rotating. SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor provides the ability to choose the best resolution, perform advanced sharpening enhancements, and achieve optimal composition for publishing photos to social media and the web that look absolutely flawless.


Users can also utilize the program’s advanced file manager to scan through their entire photo collections and identify/delete duplicates, near-duplicates, and other images that aren’t worth keeping.


With options available for non-commercial home use and business plans (for business, commercial, corporate, or government image editing), SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor offers flexible choices for all picture enhancement needs.


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Our Findings

Our testers found this product to be impressively full-featured, yet surprisingly easy to use. Once they purchased the software, they were automatically sent a keycode within a few minutes. With this keycode, users downloaded and installed the software without issue.


The SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor platform was simple to navigate, and each design tool was a breeze to use. Removal of unwanted objects from pictures was quick, and the adjusted images looked flawless–with no sign that the removed object had ever existed. Red-eye correction was accurate and natural, sharpening capabilities led to clean and clear results, and resolution selection enabled testers to publish photos to the web that boasted perfect, high-definition appearances.


Horizon leveling, picture framing, flipping, and rotating resulted in aesthetically pleasing, well-centered compositions. Brightness control, white balance adjustment, and contrast tools helped users create images that conveyed any mood, look, softness, or sharpness that they desired. Additionally, the convenient file manager made it easy for testers to browse through their entire photo collections, find duplicates, identify unwanted pictures, and detect photos that were too similar to one another. Deletion of unwanted images was easy and hassle-free, and a great extra option to have.


Given all of the features available with the SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor, our testers were shocked at its affordability and simplicity to use. Added bonuses were the choices between non-commercial home plans and business plans, as well as the fact that the software could be tested with a no-commitment-necessary free trial.


Key Features

  • Ability to publish gorgeous web/social media photos
  • Software is easy to download, install, and use
  • Automatic and manual image enhancement
  • Home and business plans available
  • Removal of unwanted objects
  • Horizon leveling and framing
  • Simple platform navigation
  • Red-eye correction
  • Affordably priced
  • Free trial


Needs Improvement

While SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor is perfect for most image enhancement needs, it may not be advanced enough for people who work in the professional web design industry. 


User Skill/Experience Required

SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor is incredibly easy to download, install, and use. The platform is simple to navigate, and the tools offer optimal accessibility and instruction. Anyone of any experience level can utilize this software to enhance, perfect, and publish their images. Its affordability combined with a full range of basic photo editing features make it ideal for most home and standard business uses. 


Pricing & Where to Buy SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor

SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor offers two plans:

  • $49.99 for non-commercial home use
  • $99.99 for commercial business use

Both plans offer free upgrades to minor versions, unlimited usage, and unlimited email support. To purchase, start your free trial, or learn more, visit SoftOrbits’ official website here.