PROS: Scanning and organization of up to 150 pieces per month; Free 2 to 3 day shipping both ways; Human-verified and organized data; Incredibly easy-to-use; All data is searchable; Super affordable; Quick service; Integratabtle with Intuit QuickBooks


CONS: None to note


BOTTOM LINE: Utilizing Shoeboxed is a perfect way to manage paper clutter for any company owner, administrator, or individual. 


SUMMARY: Shoeboxed is a financial planning service that organizes and digitizes all of your receipts, business cards, and other paper clutter into searchable, categorized archives. You can also use the software to create expense reports with receipt images, track mileage using your phone’s GPS, upload pictures of receipts and info from Gmail, and create IRS-accepted tax records.


Shoeboxed Classic Plan

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What Does Shoeboxed Classic Plan Do?

Shoeboxed offers scanning and digitization of receipts, business cards, and all other forms of company or personal paperwork. Users can also use Shoeboxed to create and send expense reports, as well as track mileage through their phone’s GPS (very useful if you have a job in which your company reimburses you for travel or miles driven for work tasks).


The way the Shoeboxed software works is simple. Once you sign up for the Classic Plan, you will receive a pre-addressed Magic Envelope–which includes free shipping both ways. You fill the Magic Envelope with any paper clutter you need digitized and then send it back. That’s it. Your part is done. Once the organization experts at Shoeboxed receive your Magic Envelope, they will scan, organize, and categorize every bit of your paper trail for you. You can then login and view receipts and other documents in one easy place.



Our Findings

Our testers of the Classic Plan found Shoeboxed to be the easiest tool imaginable for paper clutter organization. The process was simple and straightforward, and the service was quick. We used Shoeboxed to categorize receipts, sort business cards into manageable and searchable contact lists, provide convenient expense report creation, and even help with tax preparation. Receipt images from Shoeboxed are accepted by the IRS, so our testers found tax completion to be a breeze using the software.



Not only was mileage tracking easy to do using Shoeboxed, it was also simple to organize and view later. Testers were also able to snap and upload those receipt images directly to their account, as well as upload and archive other info from Gmail.


The best part? All of the data was human-verified and completely searchable. No more digging through boxes and file folders looking for one specific receipt or business card. Testers used simple search terms and found exactly what they were looking for, hassle free.


Key Features

  • Scanning and organization of up to 150 pieces per month
  • Free 2 to 3 day shipping both ways
  • Human-verified and organized data
  • Incredibly easy-to-use
  • No more paper clutter
  • All data is searchable
  • Super affordable
  • Quick service


Needs Improvement

None to note. If you don’t have much paper to organize, this software may not be necessary for you.


User Skill/Experience Required

This is an extremely simple service to use. Anyone of any experience and skill level can navigate the platform without issue.


Pricing & Where to Buy Shoeboxed Classic Plan

The Shoeboxed Classic Plan is available for an incredibly affordable rate of $31/month (billed annually) or $39/month (billed monthly). To try your first month free or learn more, visit Shoeboxed’s official site here.