PROS: Scanning and digitization of up to 500 pieces per month; Data is searchable and human-verified; Easy enough for anyone to use; QuickBooks Online integration; 1 to 2 day turnaround times; 3-user capabilities; Return of docs; Affordable


CONS: The Shoeboxed Business Plan may not be the best choice for you if you only have a small amount of paper clutter to organize. Shoeboxed does, however, offer a range of other plans that may better fit your needs.


BOTTOM LINE: Shoeboxed Business Plan is an excellent option for businesses who want to clear up space and digitize their office paper clutter for up to 500 documents/month.


SUMMARY: Shoeboxed Business Plan offers scanning, digitizing, and organizing of your receipts, business cards, and other paper clutter. You can also create expense reports, send invoices, process payroll, and maintain your tax information through this powerful software.


Simply place your loose paperwork in the provided Magic Envelope, send it back to Shoeboxed (the envelope is prepaid), and the organization professionals there will do the rest. Your receipts, business cards, and other pieces will be scanned and uploaded as searchable, categorized documents.


Shoeboxed Business Plan

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What Does Shoeboxed Business Plan Do?

Shoeboxed is a financial planning service which provides digitization of paper clutter for businesses and busy professionals. With the Shoeboxed Business plan, you never have to deal with piles of paperwork on your desk, search for lost receipts, or worry about misplaced business cards again. This robust software and support plan handles all of your paper-related administration duties for you.


When you subscribe to the Shoeboxed Business Plan, you will be sent a postage-paid-both-ways Magic Envelope. Simply stuff this envelope with receipts, business cards, and any other paperwork you want organized and then send it back. The professionals at Shoeboxed will scan, categorize, and sort each piece. Your paper clutter is now searchable, organized data that you can access from anywhere.


The Shoeboxed Business Plan offers digitization of up to 500 documents per month, 3-user capabilities, 1 to 2 day turnaround times, return of physical documents, and QuickBooks online integration. Users can also create detailed and accurate expense reports, send and collect on invoices, process employee payroll, file taxes, transfer files from Gmail, and upload receipt images from their smartphones.

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Our Findings

Our testers found the Shoeboxed Business Plan to be extremely easy to use and full of valuable features. Download and installation was quick, the platform was a breeze to navigate, collection and sending of paper clutter was simple, and digitization services were fast and highly effective. Scanning of up to 500 documents provided more-than-adequate paperwork maintenance for any sized business, and categorization and archival of receipts and business cards led to efficient data organization.


The Shoeboxed Business Plan comes with a host of capabilities that led to comprehensive business administration management. Expense report creation, invoicing, payroll processing, and the ability to instantly upload images and receipts from Gmail and camera phones are just a few of the useful tools available to subscribers.


Users especially loved the fact that every piece of scanned, organized, and archived data was searchable and human-verified.Returning of documents meant testers maintained physical access to important files. Additionally, Shoeboxed files were IRS-approved. This, coupled with QuickBooks online integration, made for convenient and efficient filing of taxes. 


Key Features

  • Scanning and digitization of up to 500 pieces per month
  • Data is searchable and human-verified
  • Easy enough for anyone to use
  • QuickBooks online integration
  • 1 to 2 day turnaround times
  • Prepaid Magic Envelopes
  • 3-user capabilities
  • Return of docs


Needs Improvement

Because the Shoeboxed Business Plan offers scanning and digitization of up to 500 documents, it may not be the right plan for you if you only have a small amount of paper clutter. Fortunately, Shoeboxed offers various plans for anyone’s organizational needs like the Shoeboxed Classic Plan.


User Skill/Experience Required

Downloading and installing the Shoeboxed Business Plan is very easy, and the platform offers simple step-by-step instructions for managing your paper clutter. Anyone of any experience level can use this software.


Pricing & Where to Buy Shoeboxed Business Plan

At $55/month (billed annually) or $69/month (billed monthly), the Shoeboxed Business Plan is an incredibly affordable way to digitize and manage your paper clutter. Users can also change their plan at anytime, so finding a digitization setup that fits your needs is quick and easy. To purchase, start your free trial, or learn more, visit Shoeboxed’s official website here.