PROS: Four easy-to-use SEO tools in one program; Saves time for marketing professionals; Three available software editions


CONS: Limited customer service options


BOTTOM LINE: SEO PowerSuite is a well-developed package of software tools for any small business who wants to better understand and improve upon its SEO optimization capabilities.  


SUMMARY: Utilizing SEO PowerSuite Professional or Enterprise gives a small business or sole business owner the ability to view what search engines see. Tightly integrated tools provide a wealth of capabilities to ensure that your SEO campaign is effective, efficient, and successful. Manage your business with this all-in-one SEO package of LinkAssistant, WebSite Auditor, Rank Tracker, and SEO SpyGlass.


SEO PowerSuite


What Does SEO PowerSuite Do?

Launching search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns doesn’t need to be complex or difficult if you’ve employed SEO PowerSuite, a software package used by newcomers and experts to track rankings, check backlinks, supervise social media, and ensure in-depth reporting.


Our Findings

There are four main components that comprise SEO PowerSuite: LinkAssistant, WebSite Auditor, Rank Tracker, and SEO SpyGlass.

LinkAssistant coordinates relevant link prospects in one of two ways. The user chooses between one of 10 search mechanisms (i.e. guest posting, reviews, etc.) or creates a search method using one of hundreds of search operators. Quality assessment helps you determine the value of prospects — like through the age of the domain or Alexa ranking — and works to ensure you’ll avoid acquiring any dangerous links.

Website Auditor behaves much as a Web spider does. It crawls through your site and audits all internal and external resources (i.e. images, videos, HTML, CSS, etc.). Users may also search their sites through Yahoo, Bing, and Google, following robots.txt instructions for any bot. This provides a view of what actual search engines see when they look at your site.



Overseeing rankings is child’s play thanks to the Rank Tracker tool, which tracks positions in more than 400 search engines, including Google. Track your competition or your own business as often as you like. Tracking is unlimited for Web sites, keywords, and search engines. Rankings are also trackable for any location in any city, state, or country, or even by a specific street address. In addition, Rank Tracker finds the best keywords and prioritizes them for you. Rank Tracker is actually a powerful package all on its own with more than 20 tools tucked away inside. These include AdWords Keyword Planner, SEMRush and Keyword Discovery, Google Trends, Related Searches, and Autocomplete, Google Analytics, and Search Console.

One of the most powerful incentives for using SEO SpyGlass is the tool’s SEO PowerSuite Link Explorer as it uncovers every link for all domains to ensure that backlinks are fully comprehensive. The Penalty Risk feature in SEO SpyGlass points out dangerous links to help you avoid Google penalties. SEO SpyGlass really does work much as an envoy does because it uncovers your competitors’ backlinks along with statistics so that you have a better understanding of rival strategies so that you can better plan your own.

Key Features

  • Powerful Tools: Running an SEO campaign can prove invaluable, but it does take work and analysis. Don’t ruin a perfectly good campaign with ineffective tools. SEO PowerSuite handles the difficult tasks but gives you information for strategizing and planning. You’ll be better informed and have all of the details you need right at your fingertips with LinkAssistant, WebSite Auditor, Rank Tracker, and SEO SpyGlass all packaged up, working for you.
  • Saves time: Searching for competitor data can be time-consuming. Using SEO PowerSuite gives you the opportunity to find out critical information about competitors that you might otherwise not have access to, and does it in a way that saves valuable time. Also, RankTracker works super fast and we’re not just saying that — run a rank check on hundreds of keywords and you’ll typically get data in less than 60 seconds.
  • Effective Reporting: What good is a reporting capability if you’re not sure what you’re looking at? You’ll never need to worry about this with SEO PowerSuite as customization capabilities let you cull the data you need in a clean, polished format without providing a lot of additional information that isn’t relevant to your search.


Needs Improvement

There are limited customer service options available for when users have issues. A user’s best bet is to submit an email with questions and/or complaints.


User Skill/Experience Required

Users who have minimal experience with SEO campaigns will benefit from SEO PowerSuite as it is uncomplicated and simple to use. Experts can also appreciate all of the tools and features incorporated into this software.  


Pricing & Where to Buy SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite offers several different plans for different needs:

  • SEO PowerSuite Professional costs $299 and is designed for an individual promoting a site/business or an in-house SEO specialist promoting the company’s sites. 
  • SEO PowerSuite Enterprise costs $699 and is used by marketing agency or self-employed professionals who handle SEO for multiple clients.
  • A free edition is for those who dabble in SEO, are interested in occasionally checking site rankings, or anybody who simply wants to see how the product works and what it can do for them.


To learn more or download the Professional, Enterprise, or Free version, visit SEO PowerSuite’s official website here.