PROS: Automation and organization of all company financial administration tasks; Anywhere, anytime access to financial files; One-click payment and payroll processing; Remote communication with accountants


CONS: One user license on this plan


BOTTOM LINE: If you find yourself spending too much time working on the financial administrative duties of your business, Sage 50c Pro Accounting is for you.


SUMMARY: Sage 50c Pro Accounting is a financial planning software which enables business owners to streamline and automate all of their financial processes with ease. From payroll processing, to invoicing, to bill payment, to expense report management, Sage 50c Pro does everything for you so you can save time and concentrate on growing your business.


Sage 50c Pro Accounting

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What Does Sage 50c Pro Accounting Do?

This Sage 50c product is a complete, out-of-the-box-desktop accounting software with secure cloud and mobile access for small & medium sized businesses (typically 0-50 employees with established businesses). This powerful software package provides automation of customer billing and invoicing, company bill paying, receipt tracking, and all other financial admin work. Sage 50c Pro enables you to monitor your business’ cash flow, plan for future expenses, and easily share organized information with accountants and employees. With the software’s accurate and convenient finance reports, you can make educated decisions while also saving a ton of time (and less time spent on admin equals even more ROI).



Our Findings

Our testers found the Sage 50c Pro Accounting software helped them streamline their business financial processes significantly. They loved having the ability to accept card payments, pay employees, view finance information from their laptops, and remotely communicate with their accountants all from one single platform.


Sage 50c Pro Accounting software was extremely easy to download and install, and offered a functional, simple-to-navigate platform. Cloud storage made it no problem to view files from anywhere just by signing in, and the software offered both convenient desktop and online access. The one-click sales, finance, and expense reports were clear, accurate, readable, and well-organized. Built-in payment and payroll processing, as well as automated invoicing, led to better time management with regard to taking care of employees, company expenses, and customer billing.


Key Features

  • Automation and organization of all company financial administration tasks
  • Anywhere, anytime access to financial files
  • One-click payment and payroll processing
  • Remote communication with accountants
  • Desktop and online access options
  • Ability to accept card payments
  • Record income and expenses
  • Create personalized invoices, quotes,  and orders
  • In-depth inventory tracking
  • Powerful and customizable reporting  and dashboards
  • Secure cloud and mobile data access
  • Deep integration with Microsoft  Office 365
  • Department, project, and budget analysis
  • Bank feeds and reconciliation
  • Electronic Tax/VAT submission to the administration 



Needs Improvement

The Sage 50c Pro Accounting software only comes with a 1-user license, which is enough for most small and medium sized businesses. However, if you need to obtain up to a 3-user license, you may need to upgrade to Sage 50c’s more advanced offerings.


User Skill/Experience Required

The Sage 50c Pro Accounting software is incredibly easy to download and use. If you have ever installed any kind of software, you can utilize this package with no problem. And even if you haven’t, the Sage 50c website will walk you through it.


Pricing & Where to Buy Sage 50c Pro Accounting

Sage 50c Pro Accounting plan costs $439 per year, which is nothing compared to how much it could save you in terms of administrative man hours. With a full 60-day risk free guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Buy it, learn more, or try it out for free by visiting Sage’s official website here.