PROS: Easy for novices to master; Different tools to change fonts and add stickers; Collage creation


CONS: Free version has ads on the Ribbet page; Not as loaded with features as the premium subscription


BOTTOM LINE: If you prefer simple photo editors with various tools to clean up and create memorable images, this is the software for you.


SUMMARY: Features-rich Ribbet is not your old-fashioned photo editing software. It’s packed with lots of fun tools that let users change up their fonts -- there are over 70 to choose from -- add stickers, create collages, and so much more. Compared to some of the other photo editors that are available for purchase, Ribbet is so simple to use that even someone who’s never before edited an image can enjoy its capabilities.




What Does Ribbet Do?

Ribbet is a photo editing software that fixes pictures and offers filters, seasonal effects, touch-ups, stickers, and fonts to create fun, memorable images.


Our Findings

Take an old picture and clean it up or doctor up a new image with various filters to make it look old. Add stickers and crazy looking fonts for laughs or simply perfect a photo and keep it as is without any further additions. Want to make an invitation, a holiday card, or a note card? You can do all of these things and more!


Ribbet lets you combine as many photos as you would like, creating unique, priceless picture combinations with its collage maker. With loads of layouts, adjustable settings, and styles, you can master the creation of state-of-the-art, unique collages that make gifts to last a lifetime – perfect for graduations, weddings, birthdays, and holidays. Adjust the number of columns and rows (up to 64 pictures per collage) to add depth and flair.


The “kookiness” feature of Ribbet is a great touch. It moves images around—controlled by you, of course—so they look as if they are dancing on the page. It’s a neat feature to use with photos of kids or when looking to create something with a whimsical feel.


Who doesn’t love a reindeer or a dreidel in their holiday pictures? You can add a witch, turkey, or even the American flag with a fun font to dress up plain photos. All of these features, including textures, are available for use. Furthermore, Ribbet has over 75 fonts to choose from. The possibilities really are endless.


Storage in the cloud is a terrific idea. All picture uploads are stored for free and are available to you whenever you want. Upload a picture today, edit it tomorrow, and take your next peek at it in a year. The picture can continue to be edited at any time and you can always view the work you have already completed on it.


Ribbet Review | Free Online Photo Editing Software


Key Features

  • Cloud storage
  • Saved edit history
  • Collages
  • Holiday-specific effects


Needs Improvement

  • The free trial offer does provide some basic features but they are quite minimal. 
  • Free version contains ads.


User Skill/Experience Required

Even if an individual has never edited a picture before, Ribbet is simple and fun to use. Its interface is designed to be user-friendly. Drag-and-drop capabilities ensure that your pictures go exactly where you want them to.


And for those who are used to being hindered by more difficult photo editors, Ribbet will be a refreshing change.


Pricing & Where to Buy Ribbet

Ribbet can be used free of charge by anyone, but it has limited features. Any feature flagged with the word “Premium” cannot be used with the basic version. Free memberships do allow for a maximum of five photo uploads at a time.


Upgrading to a premium membership is recommended, since multiple excellent functions are unavailable in the free version. Premium memberships allow for the upload of up to 100 photos at a time and collages can be increased to print at up to 12-inch by 12-inch dimensions when printing at 300 dpi.

Premium membership can be purchased as one of three plans:

  • $4.95/month
  • $19.95/six months
  • $29.95/year


To learn more, sign up for free access, or upgrade to a premium subscription, visit Ribbet’s official website here.