PROS: Various subscription plans offered; Can search using multiple criteria; Access to many federal databases


CONS: Searches do not always turn up information; Inaccurate data cannot be changed in the system


BOTTOM LINE: Before you hire that plumber or leave your baby with a new sitter, utilize–a service that pulls various records from an array of sources, including federal, state, and local government databases to uncover liens, sexual predators, and criminal records. One simple search could prove to be a lifesaver.


SUMMARY: is a continuously growing repository of records that subscribers can utilize by implementing different search criteria. Unlike other search services, accesses US government databases so searches can be conducted on license plate numbers or vehicle identification numbers, as well as names and birth dates.


What Does Do? is a repository of public records from federal, state, and local government agencies. Individuals may use it as a people search service, but one of the caveats of using is that multiple search criteria can be used to locate someone. Why would you want to use individuals and businesses can use to find out information on specific individuals. The information pulled from the public records can help determine if someone you are meeting with for personal or professional purposes is legitimate and safe, has a criminal record, or is a sexual predator.


Our Findings

The concept for PublicData became reality in September 1997 but was first started outside of the US because the government did not want the public to have access to specific records. After the laws changed, PublicData launched in the US in 2004. Still, the US government is not pleased that such information is so easily available, as some politicians believe that this is putting the wrong types of data into criminal hands.


At this time, the site’s current list of available databases to search are civil court, driver’s license, property tax, unclaimed property, criminal records, most wanted, warrants, and crime stoppers, secretary of state, voter, Department of Motor Vehicles, professional license, sex offenders, federal records (includes Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Firearms, SSA Death Master File, FAA, and more), and state area searches.


When hiring someone to do work on your house, move in as your child’s live-in nanny, or handle the administrative tasks for your at-home business, it’s not a bad idea to use before the person even arrives at your door. You’ll learn exactly who you are dealing with and find out if the individual has liens against him or her, has a criminal record, or has had civil lawsuits filed against him or her in court.


AutoSearch is a feature used by those who often repeat the same or similar searches. This feature can store the information for future searches and also automatically send emails providing the search results for no additional cost. These emails allow you to view record details in the same manner as if you performed the search as a logged in member. Emails can be sent daily, weekly, or monthly and do not count towards your look-up limit.


If you happen to search for yourself on and find inaccurate information, you cannot take up this issue with the service. Instead, you will be instructed to contact the reporting government agency and make a complaint. does not make changes to data in its repository.


Key Features

  • Simple Search
  • Multiple databases
  • For business or personal use
  • Opportunity to earn Bonus Lookups
  • AutoSearch


Needs Improvement

  • Sometimes searches do not turn up the level of information that users expect
  • Inaccurate data cannot be changed in the system
  • Price is high for such a limited number of searches
  • No free version or free trial offered


User Skill/Experience Required is designed to be simple to use and doesn’t require much learning in order to navigate. However, if you would rather be educated before using your first few lookups, the website offers a demo page to show the database offerings and how to go about using them.


Pricing & Where to Sign Up For offers subscription plans for both individuals and corporate accounts.


For individual users, there are three options to pick from:

  • Monthly plan – $14.86 per month and allows for 600 monthly lookups
  • High Use Monthly plan – $24.86 per month and allots 1,250 lookups
  • Individual Annual plan – $34.86 per year with 700 annual lookups

For the business user, the following plans are available:

  • Business Monthly – $85 per month with 5,700 monthly lookups
  • Business 1,200 – $120 per year with 1,200 yearly lookups
  • Business 3,000 – $250 per year with 3,000 yearly lookups
  • Business 10,000 – $500 yearly with 10,000 annual lookups


To learn more or purchase a membership, visit’s official website here.