PROS: Excellent data backup capability; Various features; GPS location tracking; Compatible with different devices; One-time payment; User-friendly backend dashboard; Great customer service


CONS: Separate purchases are necessary to use on more than one device 


BOTTOM LINE: Although PhoneSpector is a newer data extraction software on the market, it works just as great to restore, backup, and monitor lost or stolen data from Androids, iPhones, and iPads.


SUMMARY: PhoneSpector is one of the best data extraction software applications for Android and iPhone devices. A one-time payment of $69.99 is all it takes to retrieve calls, texts, photos, videos, apps, calendar entries, notes, and more from any target phone.




What Is PhoneSpector, And What Does It Do?

PhoneSpector doubles as a cell phone spy app and a data recovery app. It’s a great alternative to iCloud or Dropbox that allows users to easily backup and monitor various types of data from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.


Our Findings

Looking to backup your data without an iCloud or Dropbox subscription? Want to retrieve lost or accidentally deleted data from your lost, damaged, or stolen phone? Then PhoneSpector is the perfect solution for you.


The entire process of setting up and using PhoneSpector is simple. All you have to do is purchase the app, install it to a target phone, then access your user dashboard… and you’re on your way to accessing and/or monitoring the info stored on that device.


As outlined on their website, there are different processes for installing the iPhone version and the Android version. If you have the target iPhone’s Apple ID and password, then you don’t actually need the phone in your hand in order to install the app. However, you always need access to the target Android device to enter your unique license key and install the software.


After testing out the iPhone version ourselves on one of our office phones, we were able to extract everything the site says it can, including call logs, text messages, browser history, pictures, videos, picture messages, third party app data, notes from the Notes app, and more.


Key Features

  • Accurate location tracking via GPS
  • Excellent customer service (by phone or email)
  • Easily retrieves lost or deleted data
  • Undetectable on a target phone


Needs Improvement

  • If you’re looking to backup or extract data from more than one phone, then you’ll have to purchase separate software for each device.


User/Skill Experience Required

If you can install an app to a cell phone, then setting up and using PhoneSpector should be a piece of cake. The process of extracting and monitoring data within the dashboard is easy and user-friendly from start to finish. If you do need assistance, you can contact customer support.


Pricing & Where To Buy PhoneSpector

PhoneSpector costs $69.99. To purchase the software or learn more, visit the official PhoneSpector website here.