PROS: Removes junk files from your computer; Optimizes computer’s registry; Effective tool for Windows systems; Free trial option available


CONS: Downloading may trigger antivirus software


BOTTOM LINE: Computers begin to slow down over time due to unnecessary and unwanted privacy, temporary, and junk files. PC Performer makes sure that your system continues to operate at an optimum performance and shows you which files are causing the slowdown so that you can get rid of them forever.


SUMMARY: Booting up your computer takes too much time, and switching between applications leaves you frustrated. Don’t spend another minute struggling to work with a system that has slowed to a snail’s pace. PC Performer from PerformerSoft is a system utility software for Windows that scans, cleans, and addresses the issues that are causing the computer to run slowly. PC Performer even backs up your files before anything is removed so you never have to worry about accidentally deleting something valuable.


PerformerSoft PC Performer


What Does PerformerSoft PC Performer Do?

Did you ever notice how when you first purchase a brand new computer the device works like Superman, opening Web pages at top notch speed and switching back and forth from application to application with the dexterity of a pro? Then, several months or even a year later that same speedy device has magically slowed down to a mere crawl? PerformerSoft’s PC Performer fixes this issue by optimizing your computer, and ultimately giving those slowdowns the boot. It’s a computer utility that gets rid of junk files and frees up disk space so that the system you previously loved for its amazing speed is restored back to its optimum performance. 


Our Findings

This quick scanner will optimize the computer’s registry and provide a list of privacy, temporary, and junk files, invalid shortcuts, system optimization settings, and the number of applications that load when Windows boots up. Chances are it’s been completely bogged down with unnecessary files that you had no clue were even affecting it. No matter the reason, once the information is laid out for you, you’ll experience that lightbulb moment in realizing why the system has been running so slowly. 


An important capability that PC Performer offers is it will create an automatic backup file when the user clicks on the “Repair” button. This alleviates the loss of important data and files by accident when cleaning up your system, which is extremely helpful because other programs don’t offer this feature. 


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PC Performer works with all Windows-based computers. To truly get a feel for what PC Performer is capable of, download the free scan, sit back, and let the tool do its work.



Key Features

  • Registry Corrections: Most computer users aren’t aware that visiting websites and downloading files may eventually cause their systems to become sluggish, which means simple tasks will take much longer than expected. Within a short period of time of using PC Performer, you’ll have your system scanned, a list of potential files that can be removed clearly laid out for you, and the capability to get rid of obsolete data that is cluttering the computer’s System Registry. A tool called PC Speed Maximizer cleans and compresses the registry so that the computer’s performance is swift and increased.
  • Windows Start-up: Do you typically make a cup of coffee, read the sports section of the newspaper, or answer a few emails on your phone while you wait for your computer to boot up? The reason why it takes so long is that as you download new programs to your computer — even ones you forgot about or downloaded accidentally — those programs start booting up, too, ultimately hogging memory from the system. The end result is that it takes minutes, not seconds, to boot the computer up. You’re probably not even aware that this is what’s happening, but PC Performer does and it will show you which programs are taking the most time to load upon start-up.


Needs Improvement

If you have antivirus software installed on your system, it might trigger an alert when you try to download PC Performer.


User Skill/Experience Required

You don’t have to be a computer whiz to benefit from PC Performer. Once you download the utility, it walks you through each step with point-and-click capability, so anybody can easily use the program.


Pricing & Where to Buy PerformerSoft PC Performer

If you are interested in purchasing, you can either download the software or try it for free. The trial version has all the perks of the fee-based version, including the ability to fix up to 25 issues, with one exception — once the scan is finished, the user must manually remove the files and fix the computer on his or her own.


PC Performer typically costs $29.95, but can be purchased via PerformerSoft’s official website for $10 off @ $19.95 by clicking here.