PROS: Powerful protection from viruses and malware; Cloud-based software takes up little space; USB and application control; Sturdy and simple firewall; Virtual keyboard; WiFi protection; Tech support


CONS: More expensive than other alternatives


BOTTOM LINE: Panda Global Protection (or complete protection) is a powerful and effective antivirus software that provides malware and virus protection for PCs, Androids, and Macs. 


SUMMARY: Panda Global/Complete antivirus software offers protection from viruses and malware for PCs, Androids, and Macs. With up to three licenses (including one Mac license), users can protect multiple devices with just one plan. The program also includes WiFi protection, parental controls, data security and backup, device tune-ups, smartwatch controls, and a dependable password manager.


Panda Global Protection Antivirus

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What Does Panda Global Protection Do?

This software operates and updates within the cloud–which means it is fast, doesn’t take up a lot of space, and avoids bogging down your computer or mobile device. It also leads to more efficient and effective device performance by cleaning your browsers and systems.

While Panda Security offers three packages to suit any user’s needs, the Global option represents the full product suite. The Basic Package includes antivirus protection for one Windows PC, and offers WiFi protection. The Advanced Package adds protection for Android and Mac, licenses for up to three devices (including one Mac license), parental controls, and data protection and backup. The comprehensive Complete Package incorporates all the features of the Basic and Advanced Packages, while also offering device tune-up capabilities, smart control for your smartwatch, and a useful password manager.


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Our Findings

Our testers found that the Panda Global Protection software interface offered clean, well-organized navigation and functionality. Square and rectangular notification panels were readable and simple to understand and address.

A few features that testers were especially pleased with included a virtual keyboard (in case users worry about invasive software reading keystrokes), powerful WiFi protection, and antivirus controls for USB ports (to secure your device from other potentially infected devices connected through your USB ports).

This Panda software also offered a robust firewall, application inspection and control, and dedicated tech support via email, phone, or forum. All of the features touted by the Complete Package proved useful and highly functional.


Key Features

  • Powerful protection from viruses and malware
  • Cloud-based software takes up little space
  • USB and application control
  • Sturdy and simple firewall
  • Virtual keyboard
  • WiFi protection
  • Tech support


Needs Improvement

Panda Security’s Global Protection is just a little pricier than the company’s other offerings, but considering all of the features included for the price, it is still an affordable and effective option for malware protection.


User Skill/Experience Required

This software is easy to download, install, and use. If you have ever downloaded any app or software, you can utilize this protection package without any problems.


Pricing & Where to Buy Panda Global Protection

Panda offers multiple options for trying and buying Global Protection. You can purchase it for $48.99 per year or $6.99 per month, or even try it completely free for 30 full days. To buy this program, start your free trial, or learn more, visit Panda’s official website here.