PROS: Easily rips DVDs; Clear video quality; Removes DVD protections and bypasses encryption; Compatible with latest version of Windows and as far back as Vista


CONS: May not support all Blu-ray discs


BOTTOM LINE: Copy and burn the latest DVDs (movies, data, games) with OpenCloner DVD-Cloner 2017, and you’ll be amazed by the quality and the simplicity in doing so.  


SUMMARY: Whether you want to use a DVD copy software to copy the latest movie that just came out or your favorite video game, ripping a DVD is not just for the technically savvy. With this OpenCloner program, you can copy any DVD that you want onto another DVD or Blue-ray disc (and copy the file to the hard drive). 


OpenCloner DVD-Cloner 2017

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What Does OpenCloner DVD-Cloner 2017 Do?

DVD-Cloner 2017 is a software which serves as a DVD copy/burn/decryption tool. It supports DVD-9, DVD-5, DVD±R, DVD±RW and Blu-ray discs and copies these files with one-click technology, including those that have been encrypted, like commercially released movies. DVD-Cloner 2017 is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. 


While this software is mainly marketed for being the ideal way to rip movies, you can utilize the software for copying other types of DVDs as well, including gaming, data, music, and even homemade videos.


Our Findings

If you would love to burn movies onto a disc but don’t want to waste time, spend a fortune, or have to learn any complicated methods to do so, then you have found your solution right here in OpenCloner DVD-Cloner 2017. Not only is it nearly effortless to use, but the end result is a crystal-clear, high-quality DVD carbon copy.


You have three cloning options: 1) 1:1 DVD copy, 2) movie-only copy, and 3) custom copy. We’ve tested each of the three different options and couldn’t even tell the original DVD copy from the cloned copy we created.


If you have ever watched a new movie on DVD and grew annoyed by all of the annoying pre-movie ads that are on the disc, you’re probably wondering if you’ll need to keep those when you clone that DVD. Well, new encryption standards are no match for DVD-Cloner 2017 — so the answer is no! Save disc space and your sanity. Just choose “Delete advertising or legal clips from the movie” in the Advanced setup window when you’re using the software.


OpenCloner’s SmartAnalyzer technology promises a high level of success when ripping DVDs, which is one of the greatest benefits for using DVD-Cloner. With this smart technology, it can detect when there are errors during the copying process and prompt the user so that these issues can be immediately addressed. 


OpenCloner DVD-Cloner 2017 Review | DVD Copy Software


Key Features

  • Customization: When copying DVDs, users can choose to keep the audio tracks and subtitles, copy without the audio and subtitles, or select one audio track/subtitle. It’s entirely up to the user.
  • Bypasses Encryption: Known DVD protections don’t stand a chance with this software. It eliminates the following types of encryption: CSS, Region Code, RCE, UOPs (FBI warnings), APS, and Disney X-project DRM, among others. It can also copy DVDs with deliberately created Sony ARccOS bad sectors.
  • One DVD Drive: You only need one DVD drive in total to copy movies with DVD-Cloner. One drive handles both copying and backup tasks.
  • Bonuses: This product comes with three additional packages so that users receive the maximum potential out of their purchase. Stream-Cloner Lite captures anything playing on your computer screen, including the ability to pull videos from YouTube. Open DVD Ripper Lite rips movies off of DVDs to AVI, MPEG, or SVCD format. The Express Center lets you download, launch, uninstall, and upgrade all programs that are available from OpenCloner in one spot.
  • Time Information: When copying a disc, you will be notified exactly how many minutes it will take to rip the disc as well as how much time is remaining during the copying process.


Needs Improvement

Although DVD-Cloner 2017 copies Blu-ray discs to the hard drive, OpenCloner confirms that the software may not support all Blu-ray discs.


User Skill/Experience Required

This product has been designed with the typical user and not a technologically advanced administrator in mind. The latest 2017 version is intended to be easy to use with simple-to-follow instructions, so it is usable by people of all different experience levels.


Pricing & Where to Buy OpenCloner DVD-Cloner 2017

DVD-Cloner 2017 (version 14.0) costs $59.99. A free trial is also available so that you can decide if you like the product before taking the plunge. To learn more, purchase the software, or try it for free, visit OpenCloner’s official website here.