Do you want to copy your favorite movies? Or perhaps you want to copy your favorite game? OpenCloner DVD Cloner 2017 can help you with that. Find out its key features and other essential details in this OpenCloner DVD Cloner 2017 Review.


  • High-quality videos.
  • Rips DVDs in a few easy steps.
  • Unlimited access to region codes and copy protection systems.
  • Compatible with the latest Windows versions and as far back as Vista.



  • May not support all Blu-ray discs.
  • May take a while to make a full DVD copy.



The DVD Cloner 2017 lets you copy and burn the latest DVDs of movies, games, and more. It’s simple to do and yields clear high-quality videos.



DVD cloning is no longer just for the tech-savvy, especially with the help of OpenCloner DVD Clone 2017. This DVD clone program makes it easier to create clear copies of movies, games, and the like at a fair enough price. You also need not worry about encryptions or copy protection systems.


OpenCloner DVD-Cloner 2017

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What Is OpenCloner DVD Cloner?

DVD-Cloner 2017 by OpenCloner is a top-of-the-line one-click solution in making high-quality 1:1 DVD copies. OpenCloner DVD Cloner 2017 has unlimited access to all region codes and copy protection systems. The DVD copying or DVD ripping process is fairly easy, albeit it might take a while to copy a full movie. Still, that’s something to be expected and is worth it since the video quality is exceptional.

The DVD Cloner 2017 is compatible with the latest Windows and those that go as far back as Vista. Since this DVD copier efficiently bypasses all sorts of encryption, you can copy DVDs with various encryptions to a blank DVD disc, DVD folder, or ISO image file and vice versa. All this without much of a hitch. Take note, as it is confirmed by OpenCloner, that it might not support all Blu-ray discs.


How To Burn A DVD with OpenCloner

Using the OpenCloner DVD Cloner 2017, you can clone a DVD copy (1:1), a movie-only copy, and a custom copy.  All three copy options result in great copies that are very much like the original. The copying or cloning process is easy too, there is no need to be tech-savvy to do it.

If you want to copy a DVD-9 disc to a DVD±R, simply follow these instructions.

Copying with the Express interface:

  1. Insert the source DVD into the DVD drive then run DVD Cloner.
  2. Click Copy DVD movie to a blank DVD-5 or Copy a DVD movie to a blank DVD-9 for the DVD Cloner to start reading data.
  3. Once the reading is completed, the drive ejects automatically. Insert the target DVD±R/RW(DL) for the DVD Cloner to start burning. Wait until burning is complete.

Copying with the Expert interface:

  1. Run DVD Cloner then select Copy a DVD movie disc to a DVD±R (DL) or to the hard disk copy mode on the Expert interface.
  2. Specify the source DVD disc then click Next.
  3. Select a copy mode then click Next.


There are six copy modes to choose from here:

  1. Movie Complete Copy – includes menus and special features; it also supports audio tracks and subtitles.
  2. Full 1:1 DVD Disc Copy – copied disc remains 100% the same as the original.
  3. Movie-only Copy – omit menus and special features; you can also choose whether to copy audio files and subtitles or not.
  4. Split One DVD-9 Movie Into Two DVD-5 Discs – includes menus and special features.
  5. Movie Customized Copy – you can choose the titles and chapters you’ll want to copy, adjust compression rate, select audio tracks and subtitles, and select the target DVD (DVD-5 or DVD-9).
  6. Rip the Main Movie to MKV – rip to the hard disk with MKV format.
    • Set the output mode (blank disk or hard disk as ISO file or DVD folder; for MKV, select the saving path and set movie name).
    • Affirm the copy configuration and click Start for the reading to ensue.
    • After reading, insert a blank DVD±R/RW(DL), close the drive, and select OK. (This step is skipped if you choose to copy to the hard drive in Step 4). Wait for the burning to be completed.


Key Features

DVD Cloner 2017 is a feature-packed DVD Clone software. Here are some of the key features that entice users into giving it a try and keep on using it.

  • Encryption Bypass

DVD Cloner 2017 bypasses or eliminates various types of encryptions including CSS, Region Code, RCE, UOPs (FBI warnings), APS, and Disney X-project DRM, and more.

  • Multiple Copy Options; Customization

You can choose to make a 1:1 DVD copy, movie-only copy, and other customized copies. You can opt to include audio tracks and subtitles.

  • One DVD Drive

You only need one driver to handle both copying and backup tasks.

  • Time Notification

You will be notified of the exact minutes it will take to rip a disc and the remaining time during the copying process.

  • Great Bonuses

As feature-packed as it already is, DVD Cloner 2017 comes with three bonus packages:

    • Stream Cloner Lite which captures anything on screen and even pulls Youtube videos.
    • Open DVD Ripper Lite which rips movies off of DVDs to AVI, MPEG, or SVCD format.
    • Express Center lets you download, launch, and uninstall all programs available from OpenCloner.



The DVD Cloner 2017 can be availed for only $59.99. OpenCloner also offers a free trial to help you decide whether it’s what you need before purchasing the product. It’s a win-win situation for you.


Our Findings

If you love to save copies of their favorite movies without the menu, audio track, or other features, then DVD Cloner 2017 is for you. The same goes if you want to make custom copies of your favorite movies and games. If you want clear, high-quality videos and a simple and nearly effortless process then this is the perfect DVD clone software for you.

While not all Blu-ray discs may be supported, the multiple copy options it has to offer more than makes up for it. Since it bypasses all sorts of encryptions, you can rip just about anything with the DVD Cloner 2017. With all the features it has plus the bonus progress it throws into the package, this is certainly an excellent deal from OpenCloner.