PROS: Simple to use platform; Magic Enhance automatic aesthetic improvement; Manual color, brightness, and shakiness controls; Support for all popular file and device types; Over 100 animated between-scene transitions; More than 160 filters and special effects; Audio upload, preset tunes, and sound effects; Lots of title addition and text function options; Easy saving, playback, and sharing to Web and social media


CONS: While the Movavi Video Editor Personal Plan is a perfect and affordable option for any video editing needs, the basic plan does not offer DVD copy capabilities. You can upgrade to the Video Suite for Windows or the Super Video Bundle for Mac for video conversion, DVD burning, and rip options.


BOTTOM LINE: This is an easy-to-use, full-featured video editing software available for Windows and Mac.


SUMMARY: Movavi Video Editor enables Mac and Windows users to quickly and efficiently edit home movies and create impressive photo slideshows. Using its simple controls and intuitive interface, you can quickly and drastically improve the quality of your imported videos and photos, as well as apply filters and effects, titles, animations, and music or other audio.


Movavi Video Editor Personal

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What Does Movavi Video Editor Do?

Movavi Video Editor for personal use offers a full set of video editing and photo slideshow tools for Windows and Mac. Simply upload your multimedia files to the video editor, choose your aspect ratio (widescreen or standard for Mac), and you’re ready to edit.


You can trim, crop, and cut unnecessary parts and rejoin video sections with no loss of quality, rotate frames, adjust volume, and select from more than 100 animated transitions and fades between scenes. The Movavi Video Editor’s adjustment options enable users to manually improve brightness and color settings, stabilize shaky segments, sharpen features, and automatically improve the total quality of any video with Magic Enhance.


Our Findings

Our testers found the Movavi Video Editor Personal Plan to be very well-priced, yet extremely robust in its offering of useful tools. Download and installation were quick, and the platform was simple to use. Step-by-step instructions and guides made it possible for anyone from beginner to expert to edit and create impressive video projects.


The ability to trim, crop, and cut unwanted scenes, and then connect video sections proved easy and accurate. No quality was lost due to the section removals, and transitions were seamless. Users found a plethora of animated options for scene-to-scene transition, as well as clean fade techniques for more understated results.


Movavi Video Editor Personal Review | Video Editing Software | Top 5 Power Guide

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Controls for adjusting brightness and color saturations, shakiness stabilization, and sharpness offered users the ability to manually and meticulously edit videos, while the Magic Enhance tool provided automatic and complete improvement of video aesthetics. More than 160 filters and special effects, including flying objects, sepia, mosaic, retro, split screen, unique color balances, and many more choices enabled testers to achieve any result and look they desired.


Music and title addition features were extensive and easy to use. Users could upload their own audio files in virtually any popular format, choose from 18 preset tunes, and/or select built-in sound effects such as applause and laughter. Windows users were also able to record voiceover using their own mic and capture sounds using a MIDI-keyboard or other connected audio devices. Audio normalizers and tools allowed for equalizing of background noise, as well as insertion of echos, robotic tones, and other audio effects. Titles could be added with or without animation, and all text parameters (font, size, color, background, etc.) were completely adjustable. Movavi Video Editor offered more than 53 callout styles for educational videos and informational projects.


Other features included easy slideshow creation, screenshot editing, and video reversal for producing cool backward-style videos. Sharing to social media, YouTube, and devices such as smartphones and tablets was quick and easy, while Movavi Video Editor also made it simple to save video and audio clips for computer playback. This software supported all popular device, video, and audio types.  


Key Features

  • Simple to use platform
  • Magic Enhance automatic aesthetic improvement
  • Manual color, brightness, and shakiness controls
  • Support for all popular file and device types
  • Over 100 animated between-scene transitions
  • More than 160 filters and special effects
  • Audio upload, preset tunes, and sound effects
  • Title addition and text function options
  • Easy saving, playback, and sharing to Web and social media


Movavi Video Editor Personal Review | Video Editing Software | Top 5 Power Guide


Needs Improvement

While this video editing software is incredibly full-featured, it does not offer DVD burning capabilities. Users who want to burn or rip DVDs can, however, upgrade to the Super Video Bundle for Mac or the Full Video Suite for Windows for these and other advanced functions.


User Skill/Experience Required

This Movavi software is easy to download, install, and use. With clear step-by-step instructions and several available how-tos, guides, FAQs, and other support tools, users of any experience level can create awesome video results with this program.


Pricing & Where to Buy Movavi Video Editor

The Movavi Video Editor Personal Plan costs $39.95 for Mac and Windows. To purchase, start your free trial, or learn more, visit Movavi’s official website here.