PROS: Multiple options for sending money; Can send money anywhere within the US and to 200 countries; Transfers typically arrive within the same day; Detailed instructions section and FAQs


CONS: Issues may arise when conducting online transactions; Customer support staff tends to be non-native English speakers


BOTTOM LINE: MoneyGram isn’t just about sending money to someone else. You can pay your bills, purchase money orders, or add minutes to your loved one’s cell phone account. All of these tasks and more can be completed just by using this service.


SUMMARY: MoneyGram is a financial service that allows for the sending and receipt of money, paying of bills, and more. Those who use the service can send child support payments to the proper state agency, send money to someone who is incarcerated, make healthcare payments to a specific company, or even top-off another person’s cell phone minutes.


MoneyGram International


What Is MoneyGram International?

MoneyGram International is a financial transfer service used to send money to other people, to receive money, and to pay bills. The purpose of MoneyGram is to give or send money to someone in a safer way than just handing over cash or a check. Your financial data stays secure but the person who needs the funds will still receive them.


Our Findings

One of the most important aspects of MoneyGram is that the services uses cutting-edge technology to keep your personal and financial data protected. If you are sending money to someone in prison or using the service to pay child support to a state agency, chances are you don’t want your financial data to be visible to the recipient. You don’t need to worry since your privacy is ensured.


If you don’t have a checking account, MoneyGram is an ideal solution for you. You can pay bills or use the service to send money orders. Just find a MoneyGram location near you – there’s a search feature on the MoneyGram website to help you find the closest one to you. 


There are multiple methods that can be used to send money via MoneyGram. Users can send money online, in person, with MobilePass, with MoneyGram Sendbot (a Facebook messenger app), to a bank account, a mobile wallet, or through a MoneyGram Kiosk.


When sending money, the recipient can typically pick up the funds in about 10 minutes after the transfer is submitted. Both senders and recipients must take into account certain factors including operating hours, availability, local laws, and compliance standards.


Since scammers are always looking for ways to get money out of unsuspecting victims, it is important to remember to be vigilant. In fact, MoneyGram’s website offers a whole section dedicated to protecting consumers from fraudulent transactions. A list of common scams is available along with methods for reporting such types of crime.


You don’t need to have a MoneyGram account to pay bills. The system lets users pay bills as guests yet still enjoy the same protection that is afforded users with MoneyGram accounts.


Key Features

  • Secure and reliable money transfer services
  • Multiple ways to send money
  • Instructions and FAQs


Needs Improvement

  • There have been some issues with sending money to people through MoneyGram when the transactions are conducted online.
  • Some customer support personnel are difficult to understand because they aren’t native English speakers.


User Skill/Experience Required

MoneyGram is quite simple to use. The website provides detailed instructions so that people know exactly how to use the service. There’s an extensive FAQ page that is designed to answer all sorts of questions and resolve issues. If that’s not helpful, users can email or call customer support personnel for additional assistance.


Pricing & Where to Buy MoneyGram International

There are different fees for using MoneyGram services. The price for sending money also depends on where you are sending the funds. To send money to nearly any nation, fill out some basic details and get started today by visiting MoneyGram’s official website here.