PROS: Intuitive user interface; Works with Apple and Android devices; Free software upgrades for one year; Editing tools and features to customize your video; Convenient sharing options


CONS: Expert editors may expect more features and functions


BOTTOM LINE: For those who have never edited video or are new to the task, Video Easy is an ideal package to help you get started. It has plenty of great features to make videos look clean and professional, is equipped with a user interface and wizards to make the editing process easy, and lets potential customers try out the product for free prior to purchase.


SUMMARY: Adding great effects, music, and pictures to your videos has never been simpler. MAGIX Video Easy is fun to use, provides a variety of unique sound and video effects to personalize your work, and lets you upload your finished videos to social media, burn them to disc, or enjoy on your computer.


MAGIX Video Easy

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What Does MAGIX Video Easy Do?

MAGIX Video Easy is a video editing software package designed to be effortless to use — the word “easy” is in the product name. It gives those people who have never edited video before the opportunity to use impressive tools to create a finished product worthy of being shared, given as a gift, or to keep for years to come.


Our Findings

Video Easy’s three convenient steps take the user from raw footage to completed video in nearly no time. First, import video and pictures from a computer, smartphone, or camera. Next, add text, sound effects, commentary, and visual effects. When finished, burn the completed project to a disc or share it with others online. That’s all it takes! 


Video can really bog down a system, but this software supports decoding for H.264, a codec for high-efficiency video compression, to make the editing process move faster and more efficiently. Video Easy is also built on a 64-bit architecture to reduce both processing power and storage space.


Video Easy supports most camera models, whether it’s the camera on a smartphone (Apple and Android), tablet computer (Apple and Android), digital camcorder (AVCHD, HDV, MiniDV), or digital camera. The program also supports Windows 7, 8, and 10 systems. Once the video is finished and fully edited, it can be uploaded to social media sites (Facebook, YouTube, or the MAGIX Online Album) or watched on the go from a tablet or smartphone.

Key Features

  • Backlight Correction: It’s disappointing to have a great picture that has been ruined with poor background lighting, like too much sunlight glare, for instance. Video Easy takes care of that. Glare and other lighting issues can be virtually erased with darkening and brightening capabilities. Darken areas where too much sunlight is filtering through or brighten up background shadows.
  • Templates, Special Effects & More: This feature is a biggie, because you want to make sure you’re getting quality tools to improve and enhance your videos. Transition between scenes. Choose from 20 different blur transitions. Select a template to add excitement and a touch of authenticity for any occasion. Add favorite songs to make the video more special or toss in some comments for fun. All of these options help you create a one-of-a-kind video.
  • Speeds: Many pricier editing solutions let the user speed up or slow down the video. This is not always available in basic video editing software packages, but MAGIX has thrown it in to eliminate hiccups in the files. Smooth out extremely slow motion so that the video plays cleanly, and vice versa.
  • One Year of Updates: From the moment you purchase Video Easy, you’ll have a full year of updates so every time during that period when MAGIX rolls out new features and plugins, your software will automatically have the latest capabilities.


Needs Improvement

  • Hardcore video editing enthusiasts may be bored with the interface and editing functions that most novices would think are impressive. If you’re a pro at video editing, this most likely isn’t the package for you, and you’d want to consider something like Corel VideoStudio Pro X10.
  • There are other options on the market that are a bit cheaper than MAGIX.


User Skill/Experience Required

MAGIX invites users of all skill levels to try out Video Easy. An intuitive wizard introduces users to the editing process step-by-step from connecting the camera to burning the completed video to a DVD.


Pricing & Where to Buy MAGIX Video Easy

Video Easy costs $49.99Once purchased, MAGIX gives you free updates for a year. If you aren’t yet ready to commit to making a purchase, give the free trial version a go for 30 days. To purchase, download the free trial, or learn more, visit MAGIX’s official site here.