Are you thinking of copying Blu-ray discs? Perhaps you want to add more movies to your DVD folder? If you want a more hassle-free DVD player binge-watching session, you might want to use Magic DVD Copier to create your personalized DVD copies. Whether this Copy DVD software is the one for you, read on to find out.


Magic DVD Copier

What Is Magic DVD Copier?

Magic DVD Copier is a DVD copier software that serves as a simple solution to copy a DVD onto blank discs or to your computer’s hard drive. The digital quality of the copies remains high. Moreover, the Magic DVD copier is a very easy-to-use tool.

This copy software allows you to copy protected DVDs since it takes care of copy protections and encryptions. It allows you to copy DVDs in various ways.

  • Copy DVD movie to blank DVD disc in 1:1 mode.
  • Compress a DVD-9 into a 4.7 GB DVD.
  • Split a DVD-9 movie into two 4.7 GB DVD.
  • Option to copy the main title or specified titles.

There’s also a similar product called Magic DVD ripper which is a DVD ripping software allowing users to conveniently rip a DVD. The ripping process is straightforward as well, just like the DVD burning or copying process.


How To Register The Magic DVD Copier

It’s important to ensure you’ve installed the Magic DVD Copier and not their DVD Ripper software. During the registration, make sure to enter the correct user name and registration code. To avoid errors, it’s best to copy/paste these details.

This software offers a Magic DVD Copier free download and installation. You can then try it five times as part of the evaluation period. After which, you’ll need to pay a registration fee.

To start using this copy DVD software, simply:

  1. Download the file then double-click to initiate the installation process.
  2. Finish the process by following the step-by-step instruction prompts. (This is usually done by simply clicking on Next.)

In case you have the old version and wish to upgrade to the latest one, simply install the new version over the old one. This will replace the old version automatically and complete the upgrade. But first, make sure the old program is closed. Also, your registration information will be retained.


Key Features

Magic DVD Copier comes with various features at a very affordable price. Free upgrades also come with this copy DVD software depending on the subscription plan you choose. Take a look at Magic DVD Copier’s key features below.

  • Easy to Use and Fast Copy Time

Magic DVD Copier has a streamlined and user-friendly interface and copying process. In fact, it’s dubbed as the easiest to use DVD copier for Windows systems. The copy time is also conveniently shown at just about 20 to 60 minutes.

  • Takes Care of Restrictions

Commercial DVDs are often embedded by film companies with encoding restrictions that prevent anyone from making copies. Magic DVD Copier takes care of such restrictions including CSS, RCE, Region, PuppetLock, and Sony ARccOS. This means you can copy movies or DVD content without much effort. The latest version of Magic DVD Copier also has the latest, most cutting-edge technologies that bypass restrictions even in newly released films.

  • Offers Various Copying Options

This DVD copier allows users to copy a DVD onto another DVD or to a computer’s hard drive. You can also copy DVDs in 1:1 mode. A DVD-9 can also be compressed into a 4.7 GB DVD or split into two 4.7 GB DVDs. You also have the option to copy the main titles or just copy specific titles.

  • Provides Informative Guides and Great Customer Support

Magic DVD Copier also provides informative guides on its website. This is a great help, especially for new users. The instructions provided come complete with videos. There is also an FAQ section that can shed light on almost any question you might have in connection with Magic DVD Copier. You can also contact their customer support via email.



You can avail of the various features of Magic DVD Copier with the following subscription plans. This is a good thing since you can simply choose one that best fits your needs and your budget.

  • $52.90 Plan – This comes with a full license and one year of upgrades.
  • $59.90 Plan – This includes a full license and two years of upgrade.
  • $74.94 Plan – This provides access to the full license and a lifetime of upgrades.

Please note that after the upgrades in the first two options expire, 2 years of upgrade must be purchased separately at $19.95 each. A separate lifetime upgrade, on the other hand, will cost $34.99.


Our Findings

Magic DVD Copier is a great DVD copy software that runs on Windows-based computers. Specifically, the software supports Windows 7,8, and 10 as well as Windows XP, Vista, 2000, and 2003. Also, before getting the software, ensure you have free 512 MB of Ram and 8 GB hard disk space.

Depending on the subscription you choose, you can also enjoy a lifetime of upgrades along with lifetime email support. Magic DVD Copier allows users to copy a DVD into a blank DVD disc or to a computer’s hard drive. You can also opt to copy the full DVD or parts of it. There is also an option to compress a DVD but there are some issues in the quality when burning Commercial DVDs onto small-capacity blank discs. This is by far, the only main issue we encountered with this DVD copier.

  • PROS: 
    • Known to be the easiest to use DVD copy software for Windows system
    • Copies commercial videos without restrictions
    • Provides different self-service options
    • Affordable price
    • Fast copy time
    • Can make compressed and uncompressed copies
  • CONS: 
    • Not recommended for burning Commercial DVDs onto small-capacity blank discs
    • Can’t save a DVD’s ISO Image or File

Magic DVD Copier is the easiest to use DVD copier software, especially for Windows systems. It’s a perfect and affordable solution for saving a copy of your favorite movie on your hard drive. There’s also no need to worry about copy protection or encoding company restrictions. 

Overall, this is a good choice for a DVD copier with its great copying options and relatively short copy time. It’s easy to learn and master with its point-and-click directions that also ensure a very smooth copying process.