PROS: Over 6,000 online courses to choose from; Course offerings for businesses, libraries, government agencies, and higher ed institutions; Part of LinkedIn; Free 30 day trial offer


CONS: Kindle or mobile users may experience difficulty using the app


BOTTOM LINE: Most people would enjoy learning a new skill or taking a class in a subject that could help advance their careers. is one of the most popular online education services that makes learning something a unique and easy experience that fits right into your busy schedule.


SUMMARY: Enjoy developing new skills with a monthly subscription to’s digital learning platform. Over 6,000 courses in business, creative, and technology categories taught by highly educated individuals await you in an environment that is simple to navigate and engaging and interactive for the student to become accustomed.


What Is is an e-learning platform that has been in business for 20 years and enables students to develop and enhance their skills in a variety of different subjects. With thousands of courses in the business, tech, and creative fields taught by expert instructors, is a reliable site for anybody looking to brush up their skills or develop new ones in an effort to advance their career. The entire learning process is easy for students, employees, and employers of all ages and experience levels. is part of LinkedIn and has served more than 10,000 organizations with tutorials spanning five languages. proudly states that NBC, Georgetown University, Adobe, and the US Office of Government Ethics have all used its digital training services.


Our Findings has a vast database of different courses to pique every interest or enhance any career. The database has courses in business (i.e. more than 180 courses are offered in marketing with two paths to choose from), creative areas (i.e. over 400 courses are offered in the video genre), and technology (i.e. the topic of web development contains 437 courses and three learning paths).


Not only does have a rich course database that users can pick and choose from, but the company caters to businesses, libraries, higher education institutions, and government agencies as well. These offerings are designed to help create the leaders for tomorrow with the education that they need today. Here’s how’s solutions enable these organizations to access the content they need to improve their education and training efforts:


  • Businesses: This online learning environment makes employee training simple, fun, and more effective than the traditional classroom setting. Through LinkedIn Learning, business personnel receive the right training or courses for their own particular job positions and skill sets. Courses span from the beginner to the advanced learner and are available in cross-functional areas including marketing, IT software, finance, customer service, and more. Topics include problem solving, conflict management, presentation skills, etc. Overall, enables businesses to develop future company leaders, boost the skills for their workforces, improve employee productivity, and encourage career development.
  • Higher Education: While LyndaCampus does promote courses for students, it also provides dedicated resources to instructors. Teachers will uncover amazing content that they can use to build lesson plans and also become skilled in new technologies that are used in the classroom, while students will gain the knowledge they need to prepare for future careers.
  • Government: LyndaPro gives government agencies the tools they need to build cohesive learning courses for students so that they gain the skills they need to succeed in their job positions.
  • Libraries: LyndaLibrary works for both librarians and patrons alike through professional videos that are accessible via desktop or mobile device at any time of day or from any location. only uses industry experts to teach its courses and promotes the fact that the company releases about 25 new courses every week. It is one of the leading digital education platforms for a reason, and we highly recommend this service to anyone interested in taking online courses or developing new skills.



Key Features

  • Courses for individuals
  • Solutions for businesses and other organizations
  • New courses every week 


Needs Improvement

  • Accessing the app on mobile devices, particularly Amazon Kindle products, can be problematic.
  • Users only receive 10 days to try out the service before getting charged.


User Skill/Experience Required

If you’ve surfed the web before, you’ll have no trouble working with It’s a very basic, user-friendly learning system for users of all ages and levels of experience.


Pricing & Where to Buy

If you’d like to utilize, there are several options available to you:


  • Interested businesses are invited to try out a free trial which encompasses five employees, administrative and reporting features, and includes a choice of among a large range of courses.
  • Individuals are offered a free 30-day trial but first must choose from either a basic plan (beginning at $19.99 per month) or a premium plan (beginning at $29.99 monthly). Once the trial period ends, the user can continue the learning with access to all the courses he or she wants.
  • Both plans offer unlimited learning from over 6,000 courses encompassing multiple areas that can be viewed on computers, phones, tablets, or TVs. The premium plan includes project files so that students can practice what they are learning and offline viewing features.


To learn more, sign up, or try this online education platform free for 30 days, visit the official website here.