PROS: Reasonably priced logo design; Five designs per customer minimum; Unlimited revisions and redraws; 100% satisfaction guaranteed or you can receive your money back within 90 days; Three-day turnaround time


CONS: Some communication issues with design team may arise due to several people working on the project at once


BOTTOM LINE: You have nothing to lose by choosing The Logo Company for logo strategy and creation. The company will return every penny of your $199 (for the basic logo package) even if after multiple revisions and redraws you still aren’t satisfied. With the money-back guarantee, even if you walk away, you don’t have to pay for the time and creative effort put forth by the design staff.


SUMMARY: Every business should have its own unique logo, but finding the right designer can be difficult and time-consuming. With The Logo Company, you don’t have to find one creative person, because they will provide you with five talented designers to craft and present five logos for you to pick from. The Logo Company wants you to be happy with the finished product, so they offer unlimited redraws and unlimited revision rounds for no charge. A money-back guarantee is also provided and there are no caveats to receiving a refund.


The Logo Company Logo Design Services


What Does The Logo Company Do?

Wonder what the Mattress Store, Duracell, and the US Army have in common? They’ve all had custom logos designed for their projects and/or departments by The Logo Company. The organization offers no-risk logo design services for organizations and businesses of all sizes as well as self-employed professionals.


Our Findings

Having an iconic, quality, and unique logo is crucial in making your brand stand out compared to its competition. Every company wants the public to see its logo and instantly connect with a thought, memory, or fantasy. A logo is meant to define an organization via a picture, symbol, or design, and The Logo Company is one of the leaders in creating outstanding logos for businesses of all sizes and all industries.


During creation process, the customer is in control and is made aware of how the entire design process progresses. Each customer is assigned a project manager to work closely with from the beginning stage to the final result. More than 100 designers are on staff at The Logo Company and out of that creative group, five will be chosen for a project, depending upon their experience in crafting designs for the customer’s industry. From those chosen designers, the customer can expect a minimum of five logo designs.


Since many businesses are unsure of what they are looking for in a logo or aren’t exactly confident in expressing their own ideas, The Logo Company begins the process with a simple yet well-structured assessment to better ascertain the needs of the customer. Information gleaned from this assessment helps the designers to plan, brainstorm, and finally craft the designs that will be incorporated into the logo.


From the time of assessment to the presentation of initial design ideas takes just three days. Once design ideas have been prepared, they are available for viewing in the customer’s virtual design studio. 


The Logo Company will supply logos in the following file formats: JPG, PNG, EPS, PDF, PSD, TIFF. Other file formats may be requested.


Ensuring that a customer is completely pleased with the finished logo design project is their goal. If a customer is unhappy after creation of the five initial logos, the designers will improve or modify the artwork until the customer is satisfied. The Logo Company is so confident that customers will be happy with their finished logos that it offers a 100% money-back guarantee within 90 days of logo creation.


Still not sure if you want to take the plunge and have The Logo Store design a logo for your business because you have more questions? Chances are, any question you have has already been answered. The company’s FAQ page is quite informative.



The Logo Company Logo Design Portfolio

The Logo Company Logo Design Portfolio

The Logo Company Logo Design Portfolio

Credit: The Logo Company | Portfolio Page


Key Features

  • Initial assessment
  • Five designers on every project
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • 100% money-back guarantee within 90 days of logo creation
  • Extensive FAQ page


Needs Improvement

Users have stated that communicating with The Logo Company’s design team can be tricky at times. Although customers are each assigned a project manager to oversee logo activity, sometimes it would make more sense to be able to chat directly with designers so that ideas and suggestions are not lost in communication.


User Skill/Experience Required

No experience is required for a customer to have The Logo Company craft a logo for his or her business from scratch.


Pricing & Where to Buy Logo Design

The Logo Company offers logo design packages beginning at $199. Pricing includes five designers working on five authentic, custom logos for the customer to choose from and the customer is allowed unlimited redraws and revision rounds. Turnaround is a guaranteed three days for initial design ideas. To learn more or hire the company for your logo design services, visit The Logo Company’s official website here.