PROS: Great price; Options for the beginner or the expert editor; Over 300 effects to use; Many templates to choose from; Online chat support via Skype or Yahoo Messenger


CONS: Not available for Macintosh or newer versions of the Windows operating system


BOTTOM LINE: For under $50, individuals who want to spruce up their project with some fun effects or edit and enhance a video to improve its quality can find all the functionality they need in Leawo Video Editor. 


SUMMARY: Leawo Video Editor is an ideal video editing software package for newbies and experienced editors alike. This program allows you to perform simple functions like adding a few basic elements before sharing to YouTube or more complex functions including sophisticated features like titles and transitions. 


Leawo Video Editor


What Does Leawo Video Editor Do?

Making your videos look more personal and professional is now a task you can do in the privacy of your home or office. Leawo Video Editor is a video editing package consisting of both basic and advanced elements to make every video look and sound like it was done by a professional. Take your video to the next level with colorful filters, blurring effects, and cropped images, and edit its audio and picture quality as well.


Our Findings

Leawo Video Editor is a great editing program for beginners and advanced users. Crop and trim your video, go crazy with Hollywood-like picture-in-picture features, or add funny mask faces on your friends. No matter your intentions, we found this software was simple to understand and use and resulted in a quality finished video product.


There are two editing modes to choose from: Easy and Full Feature.


In Easy Mode, the user selects a template, imports media, previews the loaded media, and then saves the file for export. Four steps and you’re done!


Full Feature Mode begins with the user setting aspect ratio to either 16:9 or 4:3 and then opens basic editing features, including crop, split media file, and rotate and enhance. Advanced editing features like the Power Tool and Apply Close-Up add depth, excitement, and better effects for a more sophisticated experience. There are other editing capabilities to add text, insert transitions, and apply special effects.


Once the user is finished editing, he or she just has to save the file… and that’s it! In both Easy and Full Feature Modes, the user can share the media after the video is finished saving on DVD, Facebook, YouTube, and devices like iPads, iPhones, Xbox 360, Wii, HTC, Galaxy S II, and PSP.


Leawo Video Editor supports various import and output file formats and runs on Windows-based computers, namely Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. 


Leawo Video Editor Review | Video Editing Software

Leawo Video Editor video and picture editing feature. Credit:


Key Features

  • Easy to Advanced: Leawo Video Editor has something for everyone whether you’re looking for a bare bones video editing solution or a hardcore package with bells and whistles that can turn your video into film-like quality. Start out small with Easy Mode if you’ve never edited before, don’t have a lot of time, or aren’t interested in cropping and dropping in special effects. For more advanced users, skip over Easy Mode altogether and go straight to Full Feature Mode.
  • Nifty Editing Tools: Creating a quality video isn’t difficult when Leawo offers over 300 effects, including 70 classic and creative visual effects, 50 unique transitions, 19 dynamic motion text effects, millisecond precision editing, Tilt-shift, Scene Detection, Face Off, Auto Enhance, Audio Separation, and more. 
  • Chat with Support: Those people who want to solve their own issues can access tons of information on Video Editor from the Leawo website, including tech specs, FAQs, and user manuals. Need an answer immediately? That’s what chat is for. Leawo welcomes inquiries and questions through online chat via Yahoo Messenger and Skype.
  • Sharing: After you save your edited and doctored video, Video Editor gives you the freedom to share your media in several ways: by burning to DVD, uploading to Facebook and YouTube, saving in common formats, or converting to your device of choice.


Needs Improvement

Video Editor is only available for Windows-based systems and not for the newer Windows 10 operating system. Macintosh users will need to find another solution for editing video.


User Skill/Experience Required

The novice editor can quickly and easily create nice videos using this program. Those who are more skilled at video editing or are more familiar with using different features will appreciate all that Leawo has to offer.


Pricing & Where to Buy Leawo Video Editor

Leawo’s Video Editor costs $40, a great value for the features that customers are getting. To learn more, download a free trial, or purchase this software, visit Leawo’s official website here.