PROS: Easy to use dashboard; Inexpensive; Free technical support; Free updates; Discount for repeated customers; Extended download service as a backup copy of the software purchased


CONS: Yearly renewal fee; Does not copy blue-ray discs


BOTTOM LINE: This program definitely gets the job done in an easy, efficient way. After testing several different DVD copiers, it’s clear to our team that Leawo is one of the top programs on the market, as well as one of the easiest to use. However, if you are a person that enjoys messing around with different features and experimenting, then this may not be the program for you. 


SUMMARY: Leawo DVD copy software is a straight forward program with a few, easy-to-use features that leave no room to mess around. If you’re looking for a program strictly to copy DVDs, this one will definitely work for you. 


Leawo DVD Copy

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What does Leawo DVD Copy do?

Leawo DVD Copy is a great video burner program that enables users to copy DVD to DVD, DVD to folder and DVD to ISO image files. This software is an effective all-in-one choice for those looking to copy DVD-9 to DVD-5 for compression without quality loss. There are several features available that are all easy to use and extremely user-friendly.


Our Findings

A few of our testers tried out this software and loved it. I’ve personally copied about 12-15 of my movies with no problems at all. The process was quick, and it was very simple to use. I went into using this program with an open mind because I have used several DVD copiers that I didn’t think were great because of how they operated, but I ended up having nothing but positive things to say about Leawo. 


Leawo DVD copier is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. They sell them separately but it allows you to choose which type of software you will need in order to use their program. 


Key Features

  • Easy to use dashboard (large font, clear instruction)
  • Cheap price
  • Free technical support (e-mail)
  • Free updates
  • Discount for repeated customers
  • They offer an extended download service as a backup copy of the software purchased (if the computer crashes, or for some reason the program malfunctions, they have record of your purchase and can save your account with the purchase of this feature)


Leawo DVD Copy Software Review | Top 5 Power Guide


Needs Improvement

  • Yearly renewal fee
  • If you want to copy Blue-ray disks, you must buy the blue-ray version (this is a pain, because people do have both regular DVD’s and blue ray, but it is not very expensive and the program copies the movie just as clear as the original blue-ray copy)


User Skill/Experience Required

Usually these programs are only good for people that know their way around a computer, but this could be used by all age groups no matter how experienced you are with a PC. I first began using this program by installing the free trial. Right away I knew that this was going to be easier to use than any program I had used in the past. The way the dashboard is organized in sections with large font made it clear that it would be easy to use for people that were not very tech-savvy. 


Pricing & Where To Buy Leawo DVD Copy

Leawo DVD Copy costs $29.95. To purchase or learn more, visit Leawo’s official website here.