PROS: Easy to use; Affordable price; Fast process; Accurate results; Confidential searches; Excellent customer service


CONS: The user dashboard design is a little dated compared to the site's modern front end (but it still functions just fine)


BOTTOM LINE: This website is a great, affordable, and reliable resource for parents, professionals, and singles who are looking to get more information about anyone (like potential babysitters, online dating matches, friends, people selling products online, or even yourself!).


SUMMARY: Kiwi Searches is the best online background check service we’ve tested so far, so it has earned our Gold Award in the People Search Services category. For only $0.95 per trial membership for a person/phone/address search, you will access information on anybody who lives in the US, including their age, phone numbers, past and current addresses, social media profiles, school and work experience, aliases, possible criminal records, etc.


Kiwi Searches


What Is Kiwi Searches?

Kiwi Searches is a digital public record directory that lets people run quick, easy, and confidential background checks on any person. You can also search any phone number or residential address in the United States. The site offers 7 different search reports: person search, phone search, address search, criminal records search, bankruptcy check, sex offender check, and liens and judgments check. You can sign up for a $0.95/7 day trial or sign up for a monthly subscription if you plan to search more than one name, number, or location.


Our Findings

Kiwi Searches calls itself “your personal public records search engine” for a reason. With its simple yet fully functional usability and affordable pricing, you don’t need to hire an expensive or professional background check service when you can just find all the information yourself.


This is the perfect website to use if you’re:

  • trying to find out who keeps calling or texting you or a loved one
  • in the dating scene and want to make sure the person you matched with on a dating app is real
  • a vigilant parent interested in who your child is spending time with
  • moving into a new house in a new location and want to research the past owners/neighborhood


We tested two types of searches: a person search and a phone search.


Person Search


After entering a name and choosing the result that best matches who you’re looking for, you are brought to a results summary page. You’ll be given teaser information about that person, including age, family members, work history, education history, possible phone numbers, email addresses, residential addresses, social media accounts and page URLs, and related images. Purchasing the report unlocks the teaser info found on the summary page.


Phone Search


Entering a phone number brings you directly to a results summary page with teaser information (just like the person search). This includes the owner of the number’s information (name, gender, age, address history, family members, past phone numbers), the location of the phone (not where it is in real-time via GPS tracking but likely where it was registered), and phone details (like carrier and line type). Purchasing a full report will unlock all of the teaser info.


There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the Kiwi Searches website that states you cannot use any of its offered information for employment, credit, insurance, housing, or other FCRA governed purposes.


Key Features

  • Easy Search Process: The entire process, from typing in a name, number, or address to accessing your full report, takes no more than a couple of minutes. Anybody of any level computer experience can use the site to find the data they’re looking for.
  • Affordable Pricing: All of the information you receive is well worth spending, at just $0.95/trial membership, $24.95/monthly sub, and $19.99/premium report.


Needs Improvement

  • Once you sign up or purchase a report, the user dashboard looks dated compared to the rest of the website’s modern design. However, it still functions well.


User Skill/Experience Required

You do not need any background checking experience to use Kiwi Searches. The entire search process, from landing on the site to getting your report, is extremely easy.


Pricing & Where To Buy/Use Kiwi Searches

Kiwi Searches pricing is as follows:


  • $0.95/7 day trial membership for person, phone, or address searches. Your trial membership will convert to a $24.95 monthly subscription after it expires (unless you cancel beforehand).
  • $24.95/monthly subscription for person, phone, or address searches. You will be billed on a recurring monthly basis (until cancellation) and will gain access to 10 searches per month.
  • $19.99/single report for criminal, sex offender, bankruptcy, or liens and judgment searches. You will only be billed once and gain access to just one search report.


To start searching today, visit the official Kiwi Searches website here.