PROS: Offers reward miles for hotel stays; Presents in-depth hotel information; Hotel accommodations available in more than 200 countries


CONS: Not always the best price; Not all reward miles can be applied to the member’s preferred airline


BOTTOM LINE: Conduct a quick search on Kaligo and you’ll uncover travel deals for various hotels in the location of your choice. Each listing provides a wealth of information on that specific property, giving users immediate results that they can use to plan their travels.


SUMMARY: Don’t want to spend an entire day searching for the ideal hotel for your next trip? You’ll be thrilled to know that Kaligo can find you the perfect hotel in the city of your choice within seconds. Type in a few details to the search menu and you’ll be booking your stay almost immediately. Kaligo, a hotel booking platform founded in 2014, not only directs you to the best hotels, but it gives lots of details so that you can find the amenities that you want. In addition, you’ll earn rewards points for every hotel you book through their site.




What Does Kaligo Do?

Finding a great hotel at a reasonable price should never have to be a chore. You shouldn’t spend countless hours sifting through page after page of websites trying to locate the best place to spend the night for your next vacation. Kaligo is one of the most popular travel services puts the best deals together for you to make this process an easy, relaxing one (just like your vacation should be).


Our Findings

Established in 2014, Kaligo’s mission is to provide business and leisure travelers with the world’s most rewarding way to book hotels, through incredible miles, points, and personalized experiences. Kaligo’s booking platform gives you the chance to book at properties in more than 200 countries. In fact, Kaligo’s motto is “550,000 hotels, incredible rewards.” That’s a lot of hotels to think about! So whether you’ve got your heart set on Tiberias, Israel or Reykjavik, Iceland you can uncover incredible accommodations that fit within your budget.


Use the Kaligo Web site and you’ll discover a vast amount of information on different hotels. Plug in your information into the search menu (i.e. destination, check-in and check-out dates, rooms needed, and the number of guests) and Kaligo gets busy scanning to find all the accommodations in this area. Depending on your search criteria, you may receive anywhere from a few to dozens of available hotels to look through. You’ll immediately see some valuable details before you even click on any of the hotels – how far the hotel is from the center of the town you plan to visit, ratings from people who have been there, and sometimes, even comparison prices between travel sites like Expedia and


Stay at any of the hotels that Kaligo offers through its booking service and you’ll receive incentives in the form of rewards. You choose which airline frequent flier or credit card loyalty program you’d like your rewards to be applied towards. When gathering information on any particular hotel on Kaligo’s site, you’ll immediately see the number of rewards you’ll receive for staying there.


Once you actually click on a hotel you’re interested in, you’ll be taken to another page where you’ll find more details like booking options, reviews, and a map of where the hotel is located. The link to booking options shares key info like if the price includes breakfast or other amenities, the price, and how many traveler miles you can expect as a reward.


Key Features

  • Lots of details
  • Extended booking options
  • Exclusive deals 
  • Price comparisons


Needs Improvement

  • Before booking a hotel with Kaligo, you need to check to see if your preferred airline is part of the site’s rewards program. If it’s not you might expect reward miles, but not be able to apply them to your airline of choice.
  • Kaligo’s booking prices are not always the cheapest.


User Skill/Experience Required

Searching Kaligo’s site doesn’t take much computer or technical knowledge. Just type your criteria into the search menu and that’s all there is to it. Should users have questions about anything from cancellation policies to making changes to a reservation to how to earn rewards, reviewing the FAQs page will put those concerns to rest. Specific questions can be addressed by either using Kaligo’s online form or via phone call.


Pricing & Where to Buy Kaligo

Kaligo’s website is absolutely free to use and people are invited to create their own (free) accounts which enables Kaligo to send promotions for hotels in their favorite destinations.


To start looking for flights today, visit Kaligo’s official website here.