PROS: Intensely improves computers performance; Windows 10 privacy tool; Explains each PC problem; Offers multi computer use; Resourceful widget for desktop


CONS: Slightly more expensive than competition


BOTTOM LINE: After testing it out ourselves, we understand why so many people love using iolo System Mechanic. The powerful tools included for enhancing your PC’s performance are extremely valuable and effective. 


SUMMARY: Over time computers can slow down, and if you find that your computer isn’t loading applications or booting at the same speed as it used to when you first bought it, then you should go and download iolo System Mechanic. This iolo System Mechanic utility software has the tools you will need to get your computer to run like it's brand new again. It may cost more money than some of the other competitor brands, but it is feature-packed, and that helps make it worth every penny.


iolo System Mechanic

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What does iolo System Mechanic do?

iolo System Mechanic is a tune up utility software that can intensely improve a computer’s performance. This is done by tweaking RAM and CPU usage in real time, defragging the hard drive, repairing Windows troublesome registry, and more. For Windows 10 users, a privacy tool is available.


A large bonus that comes along with iolo System Mechanic that other software do not offer is that it allows you to install the software on personal computers only. Since many households have more than one computer in the home, it’s surprising that more companies do not offer this to consumers.


Our Findings

If a problem is detected within your computer, then the Repair Now button will appear on your overview screen. Once you click onto that button, then System Mechanic will begin to launch the system fixing tool that it finds appropriate.


Another tune up tool that we found to be very useful is the Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers (CRUDD.) This is a feature that removes the useless files that are just taking up space on your computer. After you run the CRUDD remover and Smart Mechanic detects a problem, it explains the problem in everyday terms, not technical jargon.


After checking off the list of problems on a computer, all you have to do is click the button to repair it all and perform a required reboot — and that’s it. Once that was complete, we suggest running another deep scan on your computer as it will reveal that the issues have been recognized and taken care of.


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Key Features

  • Intensely improves computers performance
  • Windows 10 privacy tool
  • Explains each PC problem
  • Offers multi computer use
  • Resourceful widget for desktop


Needs Improvement

Slightly more expensive from competitor PC fixer software, but you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.


User Skill/Experience Required

This software is recommended for anyone who has a sluggish computer. The fact that it provides blurbs to explain how the problems can cause slow performance will help anybody understand why these issues may be problematic for your PC.


Pricing & Where To Buy iolo System Mechanic

iolo System Mechanic typically costs $49.95 but is currently being offered for 50% off at $24.95, and is compatible with all computers running windows XP and later, which includes Windows 10. To purchase this software or learn more, visit iolo’s official website here.