PROS: Simplifies all financial processes; Easily track deductions, invoices, payments, and expenses; Sends reminders for and calculates quarterly taxes; Easy to follow tutorials; Free trial offer


CONS: Not as feature-rich as some competitor offerings


BOTTOM LINE: If you’re an Uber driver, a manicurist, tutor, or other sole person company, you don’t want to spend precious time on tracking expenses and handling mundane accounting tasks. Intuit simplifies such processes with QuickBooks Self-Employed, which is designed to keep transactions, invoicing, and payment data organized with minimal effort.


SUMMARY: Intuit presents QuickBooks Self-Employed for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and sole business owners who require basic accounting in a quick and easy to understand format with minimal overall knowledge. With features that allow for tracking business mileage and keeping bank transactions organized, QuickBooks Self-Employed integrates with Intuit’s free mobile app so that accurate business information is always just a click away.  


Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employed


What Does Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employed Do?

From the company that is practically synonymous with do-it-yourself tax preparation and accounting services comes Intuit’s QuickBooks Self-Employed solution. This financial planning offering lets any contractor, freelance professional, or one-person business track expenses, categorize bank transactions, invoice customers, make and receive payments, and handle other critical tasks effortlessly.


Our Findings

Not every professional or small business entrepreneur is an accounting superstar. In fact, many people who are self-employed aren’t even sure what information they need to keep on hand for when they file taxes for their businesses. Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employed is a must-have for every contractor or sole person business. It organizes business spending, sends and tracks invoices, and categorizes expenses. Another key aspect to this package is that it automatically tracks your mileage for business to maximize your deductions, and it won’t drain your smartphone battery in the process.


Calculating quarterly tax estimates is one feature that really showcases why QuickBooks Self-Employed is a popular software and considered an innovator in the industry. Intuit reminds you of when quarterly taxes are due so that you can pay them prior to the deadline. Also, by consistently keeping up-to-date and paying your taxes every three months, users avoid late payments and hefty tax bills at the end of the year. It is important to point out that not every accounting software package on the market offers quarterly tax estimation.


Key Features

  • Add Your Logo: One of the newest features added is the capability to include your custom logo on all invoices. This promotes better brand recognition for even the smallest of businesses.
  • Free Mobile App: Even if you have stepped away from your office to meet with clients or are vacationing in the south of France, you can keep tabs on important data at a moment’s notice. Suitable for both Android and iOS (both iPhone and iPad), the free QuickBooks mobile app gives you up-to-date transaction details, tracks your business mileage, and provides an overview of profits.
  • Covers the Basics: A freelance professional or entrepreneur doesn’t require a business management service with a lot of in-depth features that a large corporation would. QuickBooks Self-Employed wraps up all the important and necessary capabilities in one cost-effective suite so that you get the functionality you need without investing a small fortune.
  • Separation of Expenses: Should you use the same payment card for both business and personal expenses, you can separate these line items in the Intuit system. A few clicks is all it takes and the software will even organize the items for you.
  • Quarterly Tax Estimates: QuickBooks Self-Employed manages various factors to determine estimated taxes that are to be paid every three months so that the user stays in good standing with the IRS and doesn’t get stuck with a whopping, unexpected tax bill at year-end. In addition, the system sends reminders ahead of time notifying when those quarterly taxes are due.


Needs Improvement

Competitor accounting packages feature more capabilities than Intuit, like project tracking, contact records, and data exchanges with sales sites.


User Skill/Experience Required

Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employed is designed for the novice user who is not an accounting professional. Customers can begin with a brief tutorial to learn the basics. Most people find this solution uncomplicated and simple to use.


Pricing & Where to Buy Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employed

  • The most bare bones QuickBooks Self-Employed plan typically costs $10/month but is being offered at this time for a 50% OFF price of $5/month.
  • The Self-Employed Tax Bundle offers all the benefits of the basic package but is integrated with Intuit’s TurboTax offering. It typically costs $17/month, but is currently being offered at 29% OFF at $12/month.
  • A free trial offer is open to new customers for a 30-day period and does not require a credit card.


To start your free trial, purchase the service, or learn more, visit Intuit’s official QuickBooks Self-Employed website here.