PROS: User-friendly; Saves time; Affordable price; Fast access for multiple users from any location


CONS: Monthly subscription fee; Works differently from QuickBooks


BOTTOM LINE: QuickBooks Online saves time and makes sending invoices, receiving payments, and managing bookkeeping tasks simple.


SUMMARY: To keep bookkeeping tasks moving along smoothly, Intuit offers QuickBooks Online, an accounting software tool that is easy-to-access from any smartphone or mobile device anywhere in the world. QuickBooks Online submits invoices to customers, oversees inventory, accepts payments, and processes payroll for employees. QuickBooks Online is an ideal solution for small businesses who want to have a firm handle on managing their books.


Intuit QuickBooks Online

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What Does Intuit QuickBooks Online Do?

Intuit QuickBooks Online is accounting software that is easy to use, accessible from any smartphone or device, and instantly connects you to your financial information. Everything from tracking income and sending invoices to maximizing tax deductions and overseeing inventory is possible with this tool. 



Our Findings

Whether you’re in Tennessee or Timbuktu, if you’ve got an Internet connection, you could be glancing at your inventory, sending invoices to clients in Orlando and Oslo, and running payroll for your employees all over the globe. The days of being chained to your desktop to handle accounting for your business are long over and Intuit’s QuickBooks Online makes these tasks convenient, efficient, and effective. Our users have even found that once they’ve implemented and started using QuickBooks Online, they not only gained a firmer grasp on the books for the businesses but a better understanding of the entire bookkeeping process as well.


Bookkeeping is tedious and most people will put off such tasks off for as long as possible. But with QuickBooks Online, a few simple steps and the software will do the bulk of the work for you. First, import information from the bank account used for your business. Next, QuickBooks Online will help you sort and sift through information and better organize it so transactions can be categorized properly. The first time using this feature might be a bit time consuming, but once all details are carefully put into the proper categories, QuickBooks Online’s intuition will make suggestions for future transactions, giving the user more time to focus on business issues and less hours devoted to bookkeeping.


Users have two options for using this tool, either by the app (available for both Windows and Mac) or via browser. Multiple users can be granted access to your QuickBooks Online system, which is an ideal feature for organizations with employees in different locations and on different devices.


Key Features

  • Free Support: If you get in a bind or need a little assistance, Intuit is right there to lend a hand. Chat or email a support representative at any time of day or night. If you need someone on the phone, support hours are Monday through Friday 6AM- 6PM and Saturday 6AM-3PM Pacific Time.
  • Customize Your Invoices: Every bill that you send to a customer through QuickBooks Online is easy to tailor to your company’s needs. You can even add your logo or colors for brand recognition on each and every invoice.
  • Immediate Payment: QuickBooks Online has a feature that allows customers to accept bank transfers or credit card payments. What this means is that you could send your customer an invoice and receive a payment in minutes. The software enables bill payment right from the invoice.
  • Ease-of-Use: Not everyone enjoys working with numbers. Intuit makes it much easier since the tool directs you exactly where to enter information. Even when users are out of the office, they still have the ability to track information and stay on top of their bookkeeping.
  • Cloud-Based: All data is stored in the cloud so users don’t have to worry to remember to save their information. Cloud storage also ensures that data is available for viewing at all times.  


Needs Improvement

  • QuickBooks Online differs a bit from its sister product, QuickBooks. If people are used to working with the QuickBooks original version that is available for the desktop, there could be a learning curve involved.
  • Purchasing QuickBooks Online requires a monthly payment. This can be problematic for companies looking for a one-and-done accounting software to buy.


User Skill/Experience Required

User-friendly is a perfect term to describe this software. Intuit designed QuickBooks Online to be simple for anyone to use. The tool walks the user through setup and provides an overall financial view of the business at all times.


Pricing & Where to Buy QuickBooks Online

This product is sold on a per-month basis with three different pricing plans to choose from, but we’ve found that the Plus plan offers the most functionality and bang for the proverbial buck. The Plus plan typically retails for $50/month but…


Intuit is currently offering special promotional pricing at $35/month, a savings of 30% OFF 6 months if you purchase QuickBooks Online anytime Monday through Friday!


To purchase or learn more, visit Intuit’s official website here.