PROS: Easily manages payroll taxes; Ensures taxes are paid in a timely fashion; Accessible from anywhere via the web; Easy setup and management


CONS: Does not integrate with Sage 50 accounting software; Monthly subscription fee


BOTTOM LINE: Intuit Online Payroll is designed for the small business owner who wants to handle payroll processing on his or her own but still have a system in place to supervise and organize key data like payroll taxes.


SUMMARY: Meticulously overseeing payroll and taxes for an organization is time-consuming and can be stressful. Intuit’s Online Payroll, complete with QuickBooks Plus, takes the guesswork out of these processes and proves to be a time-saving, cost-effective solution.


Intuit Online Payroll

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What Does Intuit Online Payroll Do?

Intuit Online Payroll is a financial planning software that enables small business owners to process payroll and file taxes. Online Payroll is integrated with QuickBooks, an accounting software for submitting invoices, managing and paying bills, preparing 1099s, and a host of other features. Since the two product offerings are owned by the same company, they work exceptionally well together.


Our Findings

Intuit is among the most popular payroll management systems in the marketplace and there’s a reason. Filing payroll taxes can be a time-consuming chore, but Intuit makes the whole process a smoother ride. The system files payroll taxes for you and ensures that you are never late on paying them. The combination of Online Payroll with Intuit’s QuickBooks Plus integrates seamlessly so that these two processes go hand-in-hand. 


Small businesses find Online Payroll easy to set up and use and like the convenience and functionality that it offers. Payroll can be handled in three steps: Run Payroll, Preview Payroll, and Submit Payroll. In the Run Payroll step, the user enters some key information (i.e. hours each employee worked, vacation accrual details, overtime hours, and deductions) and Intuit’s Online Payroll handles all of the calculations. After submitting the details, the user reviews the information and calculations. Finally, he or she submits the payroll and that’s it. Reporting features also enable users to review payroll stats.


Cloud-based functionality is one of the benefits of using Intuit Online Payroll. Getting into the system is as simple as logging into the Intuit site from a web browser and navigating to the client dashboard — which means your payroll system is available whether you’re in the office or sitting in a cafe in Vienna. And because the data is stored in the cloud, your payroll and tax data is secure!


Key Features

  • Support Options: Support pages contain detailed documentation (i.e. tutorials, FAQs, videos, etc.) to answer any questions that arise from getting Online Payroll started for the first time to changing state tax rates. For those who wish to talk with other business owners, there’s a chat forum where questions can be asked and answered. Finally, customers may call Intuit directly at a toll-free number for support and assistance during the following times: weekdays 6am to 6pm and Saturdays 6am to 3pm. All support hours are in Pacific Standard Time.
  • Payroll and Taxes: With Intuit, you can easily pay your salaried employees, workers who receive hourly wages, and contractors or freelancers who work on a different schedule. Payroll taxes are automatically deducted from every employee’s paycheck each pay period. Overall, Online Payroll makes sure that taxes are handled properly.
  • Deductions: Employees have the power to oversee voluntary deductions coming out of their paychecks.
  • Direct Deposit and Paychecks: Payroll goes directly into employee bank accounts every pay period via direct deposit. Paychecks are printable directly from your work site.
  • User Interface: Starting up the payroll system may seem overwhelming at first, so Intuit’s user interface walks you through each step by asking a variety of questions. Once finished, you’ll have a payroll system that allocates for local and state taxes, vacation accruals, wages, and other withholdings.  


Needs Improvement

  • Many employers use Sage 50 for their accounting processes, but at this time, Intuit Online Payroll does not integrate with that software package.
  • Intuit Online Payroll is charged as a month-to-month subscription fee, which is standard for most software/services but may not be a preference for business owners.


User Skill/Experience Required

Intuit Online Payroll is very easy to use. The user interface is intuitive and you don’t need a whole lot of experience to get the system up off the ground. However, setting up the payroll management system may take some time, but management is relatively simplistic once that’s done.


Pricing & Where to Buy Intuit Online Payroll

Intuit offers several subscription packages for Online Payroll, but we recommend the Enhanced Payroll with Plus suite equipped with QuickBooks Plus which costs $75/month. A free 30 day trial is also available for those interested in trying it out before making the purchase. To learn more, purchase, or start your free trial, visit Intuit’s official website here.


Intuit is currently offering a 50% OFF discount for the first 6 months when purchasing Payroll & QuickBooks together, and only costs $37/month for the first half year! 


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