The long list of positive Highster Mobile reviews online has urged us to look into and experience this cutting-edge software making much in the tech world. After conducting a series of test runs, we’ve understood the worth and value that this spy software has to offer. In fact, Highster Mobile has not only met our expectations but has exceeded all standards we’ve set. Before we dive into the details, here’s an overview of our firsthand experience with Highster Mobile.



  • Compatible with major network carriers, newest operating systems, and almost all device brands or models.
  • No need for phone rooting or jailbreaking to unlock essential monitoring and tracking features.
  • Packed with a myriad of advanced features, including parental controls, security settings, and safety nets.
  • Quick and easy installation and activation process.
  • No risk of iCloud account locking when installing the iOS version.
  • Complete, up-to-date, and organized reports.
  • Easy to access and easy to navigate web-based control panel.
  • Readily available tech support team.
  • One-time payment; no hidden costs and no additional charges.



  • No free trial or free version is offered.
  • As of the moment, no means to capture TikTok messages.



If you’re seeking a reliable tracking tool for Android phones or efficient monitoring software for iOS devices, then Highster Mobile is the perfect app for you. It’s more than just spyware, Highster Mobile makes up for a great parenting partner and business tool.



Highster Mobile is an all-in-one monitoring software designed to discreetly collate data from the target device without compromising safety and security. It’s loaded with a robust collection of advanced features and modern solutions, including phone call log recording, text/chat conversation monitoring, GPS location tracking, online activity capturing, and so much more. Moreover, Highster Mobile is programmed with a sleek but straightforward interface, making it a practical tool that can be easily utilized even by less tech-savvy users.


Highster Mobile

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What Is Highster Mobile and Who Can Benefit From It? 

In a nutshell, Highster Mobile is a monitoring software capable of capturing every single activity within the device being monitored. It grants users remote real-time access to the target phone, making it easier for parents to virtually protect their kids or for employers to better manage their business operations. 

This premium monitoring app offers a wide array of solutions and benefits – from accurately tracking GPS locations to simultaneously capturing conversations to reliably creating copies of multimedia files. Highster Mobile is an ideal and practical tool for users h to monitor and track activities on someone else’s device remotely. 

With its wide array of features and functionalities, Highster Mobile can be utilized for varying reasons. If you plan on utilizing the app though, be sure it’s for legal and lawful purposes. This tool has been specifically developed for:

  • Child Monitoring

Remote monitoring features, real-time tracking tools, and reliable parental controls – all these have been carefully incorporated into the software to help parents steer their kids away from cyber threats and dangers.

  • Employee Monitoring

Comprehensive reports, complete copies of data, and up-to-date activity logs – all these have been thoroughly programmed to help employers monitor company-issued devices, ensuring smooth business operations and responsible handling of client transactions.


Highster Mobile Control Panel – How Is It Accessed and Used?

Highster Mobile extracts and transmits data by establishing a safe and secure virtual connection between the target device and its remote servers. The efficiency and reliability of all services offered are made possible by its well-thought-of algorithms and well-researched programming codes. Nevertheless, the complexity of the software structure does not manifest in the app’s general interface. 

Highster Mobile offers in-depth effective solutions while still managing to offer ultimate ease of access. The installation process and the actual navigation can be easily accomplished even by technologically challenged users.

  • Select and Purchase

Depending on the level of monitoring you plan to do, select the subscription you think could best cater to your needs and wants. You’ll then be asked to settle the one-time payment and provide the necessary details to validate the purchase.

  • Download and Install

As soon as your subscription is activated, you’ll be sent confirmation emails, containing the step-by-step instructions in downloading and installing the software. The process typically doesn’t take more than 3 minutes provided you’ve met the requirements.

  • Activate and Access

Once installed, you’ll have to type in the license key to fully activate the software. This unique code will be sent to you separately. Then after setting up, you may then access your personal dashboard to start monitoring and tracking.


Highster Mobile Features

highster mobile review

Regardless of the plan you subscribe to, Highster Mobile grants you access to built-in parental controls, a web-based control panel, comprehensive reporting, customer support, and free lifetime upgrades. 

From what we’ve read on various positive reviews about this app, Highster Mobile offers a robust collection of relevant and beneficial monitoring features. Here are some of those.

  • Phone Call Logs – Captures phone numbers, caller IDs, timestamps, and call durations of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Text Messaging Apps – Records the sender’s and recipient’s information and creates exact copies of conversations, including messages that are deleted.
  • GPS Locations – Tracks real-time coordinates of the monitored device within 50 feet of its actual location.
  • Multimedia Files – Keeps copies of  stored, received, uploaded, or downloaded photos, videos, audio clips, and any other multimedia file.
  • Web Browsers – Monitors activities from the browser history, including the logs that are deleted.
  • Social Media Sites – Takes note of activities within major social media apps, including private messages, comments, posts, stories, and friends lists.
  • Keypad Keystrokes – Logs keystrokes within the device’s keypad, regardless of where the words are typed into.
  • Phone Diagnostics – See the current diagnostics of the target device like OS version, battery life, network connections, and more.
  • Remote Controls – Allows users to not only access data from the phone but also remotely control it like screen unlocking, capturing photos, and activating the microphone.


Highster Mobile Pricing

Overall, Highster Mobile is an impressive tool – from the inclusive features to the personal dashboard to the customer service. While they don’t offer a free trial, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it a risk-free deal. 

Another thing we like the most about Highster Mobile is it’s reasonably priced. Sure, other apps offer less cost, but if we are to take into consideration the factors that matter the most – features, functionality, aesthetics, access – this will provide great value for your money.

So, whenever you’re ready for in-depth and intricate monitoring, you can start utilizing this efficient and reliable software by subscribing to any of the two offered plans

  • Basic Package for $29.99 one-time payment.
  • Pro Package for $69.99 one-time payment.

To purchase or learn more about the software, visit Highster Mobile’s official website here.