PROS: Ability to reverse look up anyone by phone number, address, or name; Affordable public records, people search, and background check information service; Details delivered almost instantaneously; Free 7 day trial offer


CONS: Searches can sometimes return with no results (but this is uncommon and you will be refunded for your purchase as a result)


BOTTOM LINE: Chances are high that we will encounter someone in our day-to-day lives who may have something to hide and could quite possibly pose a threat. Teachers, coaches, employees, bosses, dates, neighbors, the plumber working on your bathroom -- even your best friend’s brother -- could be carrying a concealed weapon, been arrested, or even worse be a rapist or murderer. Background checks from Hero Searches let you know in seconds who is sitting across the table from you… or babysitting your kid.


SUMMARY: Hero Searches is a subscription-based public records directory that enables users to run background checks, reverse address searches, people searches, reverse phone number lookups, check criminal records, and more. The service pulls information from several public databases and information is retrieved within seconds.


Hero Searches


What Is Hero Searches?

Hero Searches is a public data and people search service that gives you background information on other people and locations. The same phone number with an area code in Nevada has been calling you for days. The teacher’s aide at your kid’s school seems a bit weird every time you drop her off for class. The party address you were given doesn’t seem right. Don’t you wish you had a simple way to determine who is calling you or who you or your children have associated with? Well, now you do with Hero Searches. It’s the search engine that does the background checking for you.


Our Findings

Curious about the guy you met on an online dating site? Worried that your teenaged daughter might be dating an individual with a criminal record? Interested in obtaining details about your son’s Little League coach? Find out all of this information and more by using the Hero Searches site.


When conducting a search with Hero Searches, you have instant access to contact information, addresses, phone numbers, arrest details, criminal records, gun licenses, mug shots, liens, and more. And you can find this information from any location at any time using your phone, tablet, or computer.


All background checks conducted by Hero Searches pool data from multiple databases so that information is accurate and timely.


Hero Searches provides contact data (including current addresses, birth info, aliases, etc.), mobile numbers (including owner name, cell phone carrier, previous owners, and more), court records (including criminal offenses, traffic violations, mugshots, and crime details), and properties and licenses (including properties owned, previous properties, professional, driver’s, and hunting licenses, and concealed weapons permits). The service aggregates data that is publicly available from social media accounts, phone books, real estate listings, business sites, and other relevant sources.


Although this isn’t an issue, a disclaimer on the Hero Searches website clearly states that the information provided by the service cannot be used “for evaluating a person’s eligibility for employment, credit, insurance, housing, and other FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) governed purposes.


Last but not least, if you conduct a search on a name, address, or phone number and no details are returned, simply contact Hero Searches support via email. This search won’t count against your monthly quota.


Key Features

  • People searches: Looking for information on an individual has never been easier. Type the name of the person you would like details on into the search bar and Hero Searches goes to work immediately.
  • Reverse phone number searches: It can be difficult and time consuming to find out who’s calling you just from a phone number. However, Hero Searches lets you access full contact details for every phone number that rings your device.
  • Reverse address searches: Not sure about an area or specific location? Type the address into Hero Searches database for findings about the home or business owner and his or her background.
  • Guaranteed privacy: You never need to worry that someone will know you’re running a background check. Hero Searches is a 100% private and confidential search service.


Needs Improvement

Some searches have been found to return with no results. However, the company will refund you or not count the search against your account if you write to them via email stating your issue.


User Skill/Experience Required

Using Hero Searches is effective and easy. All that is required is navigating to the site, typing in a person’s name, address, or phone number, and being whisked to the next page where the details are waiting. You can even run a background check on yourself so that you know exactly what information pertaining to your own history is visible to others.


Pricing & Where to Buy Hero Searches

Pricing begins at $0.95 per report, and you will be automatically signed up for a free seven-day trial once you’ve purchased the first report. Once the free trial offer ends, the service costs $24.95 per month with a maximum of 10 monthly searches. 


To learn more or get started today, visit the official Hero Searches website here.