PROS: All-day activity tracking; Multi-sports modes; Wireless syncing capabilities; PurePulse™ heart rate counter; Statistics reporting; Sleep monitoring and silent alarms; SmartTrack™ automatic workout recording; Phone notifications and Simple control of mobile music; Battery life up to 7 days; Built-in GPS battery up to 10 hours


CONS: More expensive than other watches like the Fitbit Charge 2, but that's because it's the most advanced product in their line.


BOTTOM LINE: If you’re looking for a full-featured smart fitness watch that offers GPS, heart rate monitoring, music controls, notifications, wireless syncing, long battery life and much more, the Fitbit Surge is perfect for you.


SUMMARY: The Fitbit Surge is a GPS-enabled, battery-powered wristband and fitness software that tracks your heart rate, running distance, physical activity, workouts, and sleeping patterns. With a seven-day battery life (and 10-hour GPS battery life), wireless syncing capabilities, peacefully silent wake-up alarms, call/text notifications, music controls, and in-depth statistics reporting and displaying, this smart fitness watch has everything you need for clip-free, comprehensive fitness monitoring.


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Fitbit Surge Smart Fitness Watch

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What Does Fitbit Surge Do?

The Fitbit Surge provides accurate heart rate counting, built-in GPS, physical activity tracking, and multi-sport workout modes for full-scale fitness optimizing. This smart fitness watch includes a host of features that make it the most advanced Fitbit on the market today.


A seven-day battery life (with 10 hours of GPS battery life), convenient phone notifications, controllable mobile music playlist abilities, wireless syncing, automatic sleep monitoring, and silent alarms aimed at stress-free morning wake ups make the Fitbit Surge perfect for anyone looking for a wearable activity-recording-and-reporting device. Fitbit offers options for every style with three wristband color choices.


Our Findings

Our testers were impressed by the number of features available with the Fitbit Surge. It was also comfortable to wear, and looked great whether users were in the office or at the gym.


The built-in GPS provided on-target tracking of running or walking distances, pace, split times, elevations, and routes. Fitbit Surge’s PurePulse™ heart rate sensor was accurate and instant, making for continuous evaluation of heartbeats and pulse changes.


Fitbit Surge Smart Fitness Watch Review | Fitness Software | Top 5 Power Guide


Users found that the multi-workout modes and SmartTrack™ recording features led to convenient monitoring and reporting of any type of physical exertion–from stair climbing, to crossfit activities, to cool-down routines, and everything in between. The Fitbit Surge also monitored stationary times and all-day activity. The ability to wirelessly sync all stats to a smartphone or computer meant testers could easily view, assess, and maintain their progress.


The Fitbit Surge’s seven-day smart fitness watch battery life and 10-hour GPS longevity proved reliable. Phone notifications and music capabilities kept testers entertained and helped them avoid missing anything while working out.


Our users especially loved the sleep monitoring and silent alarms. This feature enabled testers to gain better perspective of their sleep patterns, make adjustments accordingly, and wake up feeling refreshed instead of being jolted out of bed by a loud alarm.


Key Features

  • Built-in GPS
  • Multi-sports modes
  • All-day activity tracking
  • Wireless syncing capabilities
  • PurePulse™ heart rate counter
  • Comprehensive statistics reporting
  • Sleep monitoring and silent alarms
  • SmartTrack™ automatic workout recording
  • Phone notifications and Simple control of mobile music
  • Battery life of up to seven days, and GPS battery up to 10 hours


Needs Improvement

Due to its full set of heart rate and physical activity tracking, along with built-in GPS, the Fitbit Surge is a bit pricey. However, users report that this smart fitness watch is worth every dime of its price tag. It is no doubt why this product is the top-selling GPS watch in the United States.


User Skill/Experience Required

The Fitbit Surge is easy enough for anyone of any experience level to use. Simply charge it, turn it on, and wear it. Simple step-by-step instructions are provided for every kind of tracking, GPS enabling, syncing, and statistics checking. In addition to the watch’s large face and clear screen, the app platform is easy to read, navigate, and understand.


Pricing & Where to Buy Fitbit Surge

You can purchase the Fitbit Surge smart fitness watch for $249.95. To learn more or select your wristband color and start tracking your physical activity today, visit Fitbit’s official website here.