PROS: Built in firewall; Cloud technology; Gamer mode


CONS: Tests may slow down overworked computers


BOTTOM LINE: eScan is an underrated antivirus and security software that deserves more attention. In our opinion, eScan is definitely one of the better antivirus products on the market. Highly recommended.


SUMMARY: eScan Antivirus with Cloud Security software is a comprehensive security program that protects computers from an entire host of e-threats such as viruses, malware, spyware, adware, botnets, spam and more. This software is quick, efficient, and doesn’t have any of the bugs that some of its competitors have. It finds every danger quickly and rids you of them all effectively. 


eScan Antivirus with Cloud Security

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What Does eScan Antivirus with Cloud Security Do?

It provides superior protection against cyber-attacks which threaten to corrupt your computer’s data. It also proactively guards against already-existing dangers, as well as new ones. Utilizing advanced cloud technology, it can scan, identify, and save your computer from the latest threats faster than traditional software (which waits for daily updates). It also has an advanced anti-spam feature that filters questionable e-mail from ever arriving in your inbox and provides reports on spam that’s been detected. eScan also comes with its own firewall to scan all of the incoming and outgoing traffic threatening to infect your computer.


eScan Antivirus with Cloud Security Review | Top 5 Power Guide


Our Findings

Let’s just start off by saying that the eScan Antivirus with Cloud Security is nothing short of impressive! Earlier versions of this product looked outdated and were clunky—which deterred a lot of people from using it. However, the newer version looks much more modern and offers a cleaner dashboard.


Installation was quick and easy. eScan doesn’t use a lot of RAM to run. The program also ran through multiple tests—malware detection, unknown malware prevention, proactive protection—super fast and without any hiccups. In the end, it detected 100% of the threats.


One additional feature that a few of our testers really liked was a Gamer mode, which allows hardcore gamers to play without being interrupted by alerts, notifications, or lag. All the information that comes in while they play gets saved for the user to check later.


Key Features

  •      Built in firewall
  •      Advanced cloud technology
  •      Gamer mode


Needs Improvement

The AV-Test slowed down some overworked computers.


User Skill/Experience Required

eScan Antivirus with Cloud Security is made for the layman. The upload was hassle free and there were no problems launching. The new dashboard is clean and easy to negotiate—making it ideal for newbies and computer vets alike.


Pricing & Where To Buy eScan Antivirus with Cloud Security

eScan Antivirus with Cloud Security is available for the affordable price of $22.45/year. To purchase or learn more, visit eScan’s official website here.