PROS: Easy access to another device; Monitors social media and text messages; Discreet mobile monitoring method


CONS: Not available for Windows or Symbian-based phones, no filtering or alert capabilities


BOTTOM LINE: If you have suspicions or are concerned about a loved one’s welfare, Easy Spy will help put your mind at ease while giving you the information you need in order to keep him or her safe online.


SUMMARY: Whether you are interested in carefully monitoring your child’s social media activity, are concerned that your employee isn’t where he says he is during business hours, or suspect that your husband is gambling away his paycheck at an online casino, Easy Spy lets you be a private eye without ever leaving your home or office. With an easy-to-use setup and on-the-fly updates, everything you need to know is right at your fingertips with this cell phone spy -- even deleted content is viewable! Unlike other spyware which needs to stay installed onto the device that it is monitoring, Easy Spy guards your privacy because it downloads directly to the target phone and can be removed immediately after.


Easy Spy

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What Does Easy Spy Do?

Easy Spy is a simple-to-use downloadable cell phone spy software that gives you the power to access another person’s cell phone (think texts, call logs, social media posts, emails, and browser history) without physically accessing that device. Easy Spy also provides GPS tracking information, so that the user can keep tabs on a child, employee, spouse, or other family member. It supports both Apple (including all iPhones from the 3G version to the latest version) and Android (including Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Kyocera, Sanyo, Huawei, and LG) platforms from smartphones to tablet computers (including various versions of iPad, Acer, T-Mobile, and others).


Easy Spy silently monitors activity which enables parents to see what content their kids are looking at online, who is texting them, and if they are in school when they should be. Employers use this tool to ensure that their workers are at business appointments and to supervise posts on social media. You can also keep an eye on your significant other’s online dealings by reviewing their video and photo files, contacts, call logs, and Web site histories. The point is that the other person never even knows you are monitoring their content because Easy Spy is controlled from your phone. A password-protected phone is truly no match for Easy Spy.


Our Findings

Getting the information in real-time is a benefit of using Easy Spy as the app updates every few minutes to provide details regarding location and activity. Discretion is another key element with Easy Spy as many competitor offerings require the spyware to be installed and kept on the actual device that it is monitoring. You can review somebody’s text messages while he or she is in the same room as you, and they’ll never even know.


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Key Features

  • Connect quickly: You don’t need to physically access the device that you plan to snoop on as Easy Spy installs through an over-the-air (OTA) connection. Simply download the app, type in the phone number that you want to manage, and you’re ready to go.
  • Monitoring capabilities: With all the bad things that kids can encounter online (porn sites, shady chat rooms, and foul language in text messages), Easy Spy gives parents access to the activities and individuals that their kids are engaging with on their devices.
  • GPS tracking: With updates as often as every five minutes, Easy Spy gives precise location information on the tracked device and captures activity within two to five minutes of actual movement.
  • Access to everything: Easy Spy delivers all information to the subscriber, including old, deleted, and new text messages, full message content, incoming and outgoing call data (dialed/received numbers and date, time, and duration of each call), Web sites visited, all photos and videos taken with the device, activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp services, and inbound and outbound email activity.


Needs Improvement

While Easy Spy does a great job at monitoring real-time activity, it doesn’t provide for any type of alert or restriction on that target phone. For example, you won’t receive a pop-up message when an employee is taking a three-hour lunch, and you can’t prevent your son from visiting an inappropriate or potentially dangerous web site.


User Skill/Experience Required

Easy Spy claims if you can use a cell phone, then the app is simple to use — and that’s the truth. This software is designed for the average user who has minimal technical expertise, and it can be up and running within minutes.


Pricing & Where to Buy Easy Spy

Easy Spy costs $69.99 per month. The price is the same for Apple, Android, iPads, and tablets. Once purchased, the app automatically downloads via an Internet connection. Users can cancel the service at any time. To purchase or learn more, visit Easy Spy’s official website here.