PROS: Easy enough for both beginners and professionals to create top-quality mixes; Audio, video, and karaoke mixing; Available on Windows and Mac; Four-deck accessibility; MIDI and HD controllers; Built-in audio effects; Robust media library; Helpful resources such as FAQs and tech support


CONS: DJ Mixer Pro may seem expensive but is actually quite a bargain considering the fact that it offers professional-quality audio and video mixing capabilities within one single platform.


BOTTOM LINE: If you’re looking for easy-to-use, professional-quality DJ mixing software, DJ Mixer Pro is the perfect product for you. Available on Windows and Mac, this feature-packed platform enables beginners and professionals alike to create dynamic, customized, one-of-a-kind live mixes.


SUMMARY: DJ Mixer Pro offers a plethora of tools that allow users to create exciting audio mixes, and even add visual effects like video and karaoke mixing to their presentation. The simple-to-navigate platform enables beat matching, live elements, pitch shifting, vinyl simulation, and a full suite of additional music mixing functionalities. Utilized by some of the world’s best DJs, this software is a top choice for both professional and entry-level beat makers.


DJ Mixer Pro by DJMixerSoft

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What Does DJ Mixer Pro Do?

Trusted by the world’s top DJs, DJ Mixer Pro mixing and DJ software enables both beginning and experienced music professionals to create exciting sound mixes. This software allows users to mix audio and add creative visual components such as video and karaoke mixing to their projects. DJ Mixer Pro is available for use on Windows and Mac and features a range of tools that include beat matching, pitch shifting, real-time live effects, seamless loops, vinyl simulators, harmonic blending, keylock, and many more options.


DJ Mixer Pro also offers detailed FAQ pages and dedicated technical support to help you create mixes and navigate the interface with ease.


Our Findings

Our testers were blown away by the list of features offered by DJ Mixer Pro. This program was extremely easy to download, install, and use. The platform was easy to navigate, and provided helpful resources and instructions.


DJ Mixer Pro enabled mixing on up to four decks to create complete, original, intricate mixes. Users really liked the ability to mix audio, video, and karaoke tracks. Song transitions were streamlined and easy, and the video functionality also allowed for reverse, pitch, break, and scratch video.


An on-screen, interactive waveform meant testers could view each track’s frequency live, and the beats and breaks displayed in advance for optimal mixing choice. Beats were visually aligned with vertical waveforms. Loops and cue points proved very useful, and users could set real-time cues, schedule loop-in and loop-out points, and adjust loop lengths. This led to simple and sharp remixing on the spot.


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Several other favorite tools included external monitor video output, 8 sampler banks, automated beat matching, a host of built-in audio effects, vinyl simulation, harmonic mixing, MIDI and HD controllers, and a fully loaded media library. The powerful mixing engine provided support for most popular video and audio formats, cutting-edge input and output routing, adjustable EQ, timecode vinyl controls, crossfader, KeyLock, and much more. 


In addition to its huge range of mixing tools, DJ Mixer Pro offered helpful resources for professional-level mixing, such as informative FAQs and helpful technical support.


Key Features

  • Easy enough for beginners and professionals to create high quality mixes
  • Audio, video, and karaoke mixing
  • Available on Windows and Mac
  • Vinyl Simulator
  • KeyLock
  • Crossfader
  • Beat matching
  • Pitch shifting
  • Real-time live effects
  • Seamless loops
  • Harmonic blending
  • Four decks for crafting complex mixes
  • MIDI and HD controllers
  • Tons of built-in audio effects
  • Robust media library


Needs Improvement

At first glance, DJ Mixer Pro may seem a little pricey. Taking into account its offering of a top-of-the-line suite of audio and video mixing tools, however, the price is actually a major bargain.


User Skill/Experience Required

While you might think mixing beats and music is a complicated process, which it can be, DJ Audio Mixer Pro makes it fun and easy. Professionals and beginners alike use this software to unleash their creative sides. Download, installation, and navigation are also incredibly straightforward, and helpful resources such as FAQs and tech support are available in case any questions or issues arise. Anyone of any experience level can enjoy this product.


Pricing & Where to Buy DJ Mixer Pro

You can purchase DJ Mixer Pro for Windows or Mac for the one-time price of $99.95 via DJ MixerSoft’s official website here.

  • To download or begin your free trial for Windows, click here.
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