PROS: Immediate access to data upon installation; Downloads are 100% safe and free of viruses; Responsive to all devices and OS versions; Low one-time price with no monthly subscription price


CONS: Unique license key must be purchased for each device


BOTTOM LINE: Our team agrees that this software is the best data recovery product we've reviewed yet. If you want something beyond the iCloud backup or if you store massive amounts of data, then this is the software for you!


SUMMARY: By using DDI Utilities, you don’t have to worry about lost data anymore, and it goes beyond what the iCloud offers. There is no more worrying about losing important files or finding how to access deleted info, even after a factory restore.


DDI Utilities

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What does DDI Utilities do?

DDI Utilities is an amazing data management and recovery software that is compatible for both iPhone and Android, and easily beats the competition when it comes to the number of features it offers.


Our Findings

Install the software, add your backup, and then extract the data. It’s as simple as that.


We used DDI Utilities on a variety of different iOS and Android devices, and we all quickly found out that it could recover contacts, photos, videos, voicemail, text messages, iMessages, calendar entries, notes, and so much more. The iPhone Extractor extracted files from my phone and automatically returned a copy of my recovered data files to my online account.


Once you download the software, the company provides a unique license key that allows you to access data immediately via a simple dashboard platform. The iPhone download version worked across all Apple products, like my iPad, iPhone and Macbook Pro.


Key Features

  • Immediate access to data upon installation
  • Downloads are 100% safe and free of viruses
  • Responsive to all devices and OS versions
  • Low one-time price with no monthly subscription price


Needs Improvement

You need a unique license key for each device, so if you have more than one phone, you’ll have to buy it twice.


Pricing & Where To Buy DDI Utilities

DDI Utilities costs $69.95. To learn more or purchase the software, visit DDI Utilities’ official website here.


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