ClickSearch is one of the newest search engines enabling users to acquire valuable information on a person or cell phone number in just seconds. They own secure databases housing data files collated from reliable sources like public records, making the search process automated and streamlined. Their databases are constantly updated to ensure the accuracy and completeness of generated outputs.

Though a young name in the industry, ClickSearch has been making much noise due to its advanced features. We tested ClickSearch to know for ourselves what this search platform can offer. To provide you an overview of what to expect about this service, here’s a summary of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Several ways to access information
  • Different types of search reports
  • Instantaneous search results
  • Up-to-date reports
  • Secure and confidential searches
  • User-friendly interface
  • 24/7 customer service


  • Some searches return no results.
  • Unable to combine different report types in one monthly subscription.


BOTTOM LINE: ClickSearch’s advanced features and reliable services surely comes with a price. However, if per se, it’s your child’s safety at stake, then we dare say you go for it. No amount of money could ever compensate for your peace of mind and personal safety or family’s security. 


SUMMARY: ClickSearch offers reports unaccessible utilizing free people search services. Their lookup services generate extensive and comprehensible background reports, public records, and other personal information. Since it’s constantly collating information from reliable private sources and public directories, rest assured you’ll be given accurate and up-to-date reports. 



What Is ClickSearch?

ClickSearch is a one-stop online directory that stores a wide array of data about people and phone numbers. This cloud-based phone and people search engine enables users to obtain public information that could have been otherwise unattainable. 

ClickSearch offers an easy-to-use platform where one can find people and initiate a phone lookup. By simply inputting a name or phone number, you could gain access to six different types of search reports.

  1. Person
  2. Phone
  3. Criminal
  4. Sex offender
  5. Bankruptcy
  6. Liens & judgments


ClickSearch has, indeed, succeeded in making public records accessible. There’s no denying they’ve managed to put technology into good use, helping hundreds of thousands of users. With their extensive services and vast databases, here are some of the common reasons why people use this platform.

  • Reconnect with long-lost friends and loved ones.
  • Validate the identity of their online date.
  • Track down a childhood friend or first love.
  • Organize a reunion.
  • Identify one’s roots and/or create a family tree.
  • Learn more about a new neighborhood.
  • Gather relevant data about a property.
  • Ensure their kids are in safe company.
  • Identify who’s calling them from an unknown or unregistered number.


How To Run A Person Search On ClickSearch

The first and probably easiest way to acquire public records, including a person’s educational background and criminal history is through ClickSearch’s Person Search feature. This is, of course, provided you’re aware of the person’s real/legal name.

  1. Navigate to the Person Search page.
  2. Type in the first and last name of the person being searched.
  3. Hit Enter or click on the Search/Magnifying Glass button.
  4. Select the person which you want to learn more about. 
  5. If you haven’t started a subscription yet, you’ll be rerouted to the payment page.
  6. Once you’ve provided the needed details and the system has finished cross-referencing data, you’ll be sent a full copy of your report.


How To Run A Reverse Phone Number Lookup On ClickSearch

Another way of acquiring criminal background checks and other information is through a ClickSearch reverse phone number lookup. Aside from unraveling the caller ID and identifying who’s calling you, you also get access to extensive information about the current and previous owners of the phone number.

  1. Navigate to the Reverse Phone Lookup page.
  2. Type in the phone number, including the area code, you’re searching for.
  3. Hit Enter or click on the Search/Magnifying Glass button.
  4. Wait for a moment while the programs are running a thorough search on the back-end.
  5. You’ll be notified and provided access to the relevant results provided you have an active subscription.



ClickSearch surely provides desirable results and significant outputs. It’s a convenient and hassle-free way of conducting a background check or initiating a phone number lookup to shed light on those restricted phone calls.

Some users find ClickSearch’s services a bit expensive. We honestly had similar initial thoughts. But after making use of the platform for a few searches, it’s worth every single cent. The accuracy of results and efficiency of searches would surely provide great value for your money. After all, going through the traditional processes of finding a person would surely cost less but would eat up a huge chunk of your time and effort. Whereas, when opting to utilize this search engine, you get to achieve the results you’re seeking in just seconds and without exerting much effort.

One disadvantage we’ve found out is you’re not allowed to combine different types of reports in a single subscription. So, for instance, you’ve subscribed to the person search service and you need to initiate a reverse phone lookup, you’ll have to avail of a separate subscription. 

To give you an overview, here’s how their pricing goes.

  • $0.95 – An initial membership fee wherein users are granted a 3-day free trial upon registration. Should you not like the service, you may cancel the subscription within the 3-day period. 
  • $29.95 – Monthly subscription fee which consists of varying limits, depending on what package availed of. For example, you’ll be allowed up to 5 searches if you’ve enrolled for a reverse phone lookup service, and up to 10 searches for people search subscriptions.
  • $9.95 – This is the fee you’ll be charged for every report in excess of your allowed searches on your monthly subscription.
  • $19.95 – This is the cost of every criminal, sex offender, bankruptcy, and liens and judgments report. However, since each search produces a single report, there is no limit on the number of searches you can perform. 

*Note: These prices may vary slightly. These prices were recorded on 08/31/21


Our Findings

While ClickSearch is accessible by anyone, note that it is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This means whatever information you gather from the site cannot be used to screen potential employees, evaluate potential tenants, verify a person’s educational background, determine someone’s credit or insurance eligibility, stalk or harass another person, and commit identity theft. While of course, you can utilize the information to form a better judgment and make informed decisions.