There’s no denying the virtual world offers a myriad of benefits and advantages. We must, however, not overlook the possible dangers lurking in this vast digital space. We looked for effective solutions that could help users continue to enjoy surfing the internet without the worries or scare of compromises and exploitations. And since it has been making much noise on the market, we’ve initiated this BullGuard Internet Security review to know for sure if this is worth your money and time. 



  • 100% Malware Detection; 100% Protection; 100% Privacy
  • Scored Advanced+ on Performance Tests.
  • Wide Range of Effective Modern Security and Privacy Solutions.
  • Compatible With Various Internet-Enabled Devices.
  • Multi-Platform Access Functionality.
  • Innovative and Intuitive Internet Security Software.
  • Easy-to-Follow Installation; Easy-to-Navigate Interface.
  • Military-Grade Cloud Backup Encryption.
  • Includes Built-In Data Back-Up and Tune-Up Tool.
  • Automated and Streamlined Vulnerability Scanner.
  • With Over 80 Million Active Users from More than 150 Countries Across the Globe.



  • Limited Protection for macOS.
  • Software Could be too Heavy for Some Devices (Older Versions), Causing Slight System Latencies.



If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to keep your internet access safe and secure, then BullGuard is the perfect solution for you. BullGuard’s Internet Security Software offers a robust collection of built-in tools and features capable of protecting your device, system, network, and data.



Bullguard Internet Security Software is a program specifically created to promote safety and security. Utilizing multi-layered algorithms and codes, this multi-platform tool is capable of blocking, locating, isolating, and addressing cyber threats, including viruses, spyware, adware, and the like. For around two decades now, this industry-leading brand allows users to conveniently browse online and access their favorite sites without the need to worry about possible risks and dangers. With its security protocols, safety nets, and parental controls, it makes up for a great business and parenting tool.

BullGuard Internet Security

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BullGuard Internet Security Software – What Is It?

BullGuard is a trusted brand when it comes to devices and online security. It offers reliable antivirus, internet security, premium protection, and VPN services. With over 80 million users from more than 150 countries across the globe, rest assured this is a digital tool you can rely on. 

So what is BullGuard internet security software exactly? Well, as the name implies, this is modern software that utilizes cutting-edge technologies to ensure any online threat is strategically addressed, providing safe and secure online access. It’s programmed with industry-leading algorithms that provide exquisite and comprehensive protection to your device, system, network, and data. 

BullGuard offers a myriad of modern solutions, including 100% malware detection, cloud backup encryption, tune-up tools, vulnerability scanner, and more. These features could greatly help employers or entrepreneurs in overseeing their business operations. It’s also programmed with several parental controls that significantly help parents steer their kids away from inappropriate content, unsuitable apps, cyber predators, online bullies, and more.


How Does BullGuard Internet Security Software Work?

Like what BullGuard internet security reviews claim, this all-in-one multi-platform tool is more than just your ordinary antivirus software. It’s compatible with personal computers and mobile devices with an interface that’s user-friendly. It’s easy to use – from installation to the actual navigation.  

BullGuard promises unmatched protection from common cyber threats. It also showcases advanced features that are capable of offering modern reliable solutions. Such tools include military-grade encryption, data backup, system vulnerability scanner, device tune-up tool, and more.

Even if it’s already one of the leading brands in the industry, BullGuard continues to explore and innovate to ensure the safety and security of its users. Here are some of the newly added and enhanced key features you can expect from BullGuard.

  • Dynamic Machine Learning – Custom-built browser protection and real-time malware detection that can protect you even when you’re offline.
  • Multi-Layered Protection – Automated and streamlined multi-layered algorithms can quickly detect threats and protect devices even without manually running the software.
  • Secure Browser – Layered protection for your favorite web browsers, blocking and filtering cookies, plug-ins, or extensions that are identified to be malicious or harmful.
  • Game Booster Improved – Features anti-cheat engine compatibility, resulting in smoother online gaming and uninterrupted game performances.
  • Vulnerability Scanner – Automatically locates system vulnerabilities and security loopholes by validating digital signatures. It would trigger an alert for every single flaw detected.
  • Firewall – Heavy-duty security for malicious software and online intruders. It efficiently blocks any unauthorized attempt to access the internet. 
  • Parental Controls. Ability to block age-inappropriate sites, explicit sites, suggestive content, and violent apps, and regulate screen time.


How Is The BullGuard Internet Security Software Used?

While BullGuard internet security software utilizes multi-layered algorithms and complex codes to efficiently deliver all promised solutions, its developers have managed to keep its interface simple. The software itself is sleek yet straightforward, making it easy for anyone – even less tech-savvy users – to operate and navigate through it. Plus, all notifications and alerts are clear, timely, and accurate.

Its module panels require minimal to no user input while still providing desirable results. Upon fully installing the software – which takes only a few minutes – you’ll be redirected to a window, displaying two rows with four panels each, and a slider that would reveal the other two. In total, BullGuard’s dashboard shows 10 square panels – Antivirus Firewall, Vulnerabilities, Backup, PC TuneUp, Game Booster, Parental Control, Secure Browser, Identity Protection, Home Network Scanner, and BullGuard VPN.


BullGuard Internet Security Software Pricing

Aside from the free one-month trial, BullGuard also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. They offer 3 different payment schemes with package prices that vary depending on how many devices you plan to use the software to.

One-Year Plan

  • 3 devices – $44.99
  • 5 devices – $62.99
  • 10 devices – $105.74

Two-Year Plan

  • 3 devices – $74.99
  • 5 devices – $101.24
  • 10 devices – $169.49

Three-Year Plan

  • 3 devices – $89.99
  • 5 devices – $125.99
  • 10 devices – $211.49


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Our Verdict

So, how good is BullGuard internet security software? After taking a closer look, we can say this tool is worth your money and time. After all, it’s a multi-platform all-in-one tool that offers efficient and reliable virus protection, internet protection, computer protection, and various other features that promote safety and security.

You can trust and rely on BullGuard’s robust collection of astounding tools and features. During our test runs, their Vulnerability Scanner smartly detected and intuitively flagged all potential flaws and breaches. The Antivirus Module, working hand-in-hand with its built-in Firewall, thoroughly prevented all malware from getting through.

Overall, with the peace of mind, efficiency, and convenience it offers, BullGuard is a practical and ideal security tool.