PROS: No counting calories, ever; Three bonus gifts; Step-by-step 21 Day Fix Eating and Fitness Guides; Color-coded containers for easy portion control; No diet foods to buy; Workout DVDs packed with six different 30-minute routines; Drastic results in 21 days; 30-day money back guarantee; Dedicated, 24/7 online support


CONS: If you prefer diet plans where you count calories and lose weight slowly, this plan isn’t for you. 


BOTTOM LINE: BeachBody 21 Day Fix is a fitness program designed for individuals who want to see results while exercising just 30 minutes per day and never having to count calories. 


SUMMARY: BeachBody 21 Day Fix is a comprehensive fitness program that allows subscribers to see real results in less than one month without counting calories or buying expensive diet food. This program offers fun 30-minute DVD workouts, simple portion control guidelines, and a host of bonus gifts.


BeachBody 21 Day Fix

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What Is BeachBody 21 Day Fix?

BeachBody 21 Day Fix is designed to enable users to eat right, exercise properly, and see quick results. This fitness program offers simple, easy-to-understand eating guidelines and fun DVD workouts. Subscribers can easily fit the exercises into their day and abandon the entire concept of “dieting.” No counting calories or eating food that tastes like cardboard. BeachBody 21 Day Fix will teach you how to control your portions while eating the foods that you love.

21 Day Fix


Our Findings

Our testers were shocked at the results they saw with BeachBody 21 Day Fix, and amazed at the simplicity with which they reached their goals. This program proved easy to follow, and offered dramatic weight loss and body reshaping.


Testers found the workout videos fun and convenient. These DVDs were packed with quick 30-minute workout routines that users could fit easily into any part of their day. Exercise programs included the Cardio Fix, Total Body Cardio Fix, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Pilates Fix, and a relaxing Yoga Fix. The videos also provided an on-screen modifier for each activity, so users could safely dial down the intensity when necessary.


One of our team’s favorite features of BeachBody 21 Day Fix was the fact that there were no diet foods to purchase and no calories to count. This program teaches simple portion control and provides six different sized, color-coded containers for each food group. Testers placed their veggies in the green container, fruits in purple, proteins in red, carbs in yellow, healthy fats (outlined by the fitness plan) in blue, and seeds and dressings in the orange containers. BeachBody 21 Day Fix also provided a Shakeology shaker cup for drinks. Each container was sized for optimal intake of its contained food type. The program’s Eating Plan directs users on exactly how and with what to fill each container.


There was absolutely no guesswork involved in BeachBody 21 Day Fix. The program provided users with a 21 Day Fix Quickstart Guide, workout calendars, and a step-by-step 21 Day Fix Eating Guide. All testers had to do was follow the guidelines, and they saw the results! Even though our office is packed with food and candy to tempt them away from their goals, most of our testers lost an average of 10 to 15 pounds per 21 days.


This program also came with three exciting bonus gifts, including a 3 Day Quick Fix Guide, Dirty 30 Workout DVD with four rounds of fat-burning exercises, and 24/7 online support.

21 Day Fix


Key Features

  • No counting calories
  • Three bonus gifts
  • Step-by-step 21 Day Fix Eating and Fitness Guides
  • Color-coded containers for easy portion control
  • No diet foods to buy
  • Workout DVDs packed with six different 30-minute routines
  • Drastic results in 21 days
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Dedicated, 24/7 online support


Needs Improvement

If you want to lose weight gradually by counting calories or subscribing to auto-ship diet food services, BeachBody 21 Day Fix may not be the best fitness program for you. 


User Skill/Experience Required

Anyone of any fitness or dieting experience level can use the 21 Day Fix. This BeachBody program offers complete getting started and eating guides, as well as 24/7 support and color-coded containers for portion control. If you want the freedom to eat simply, follow short workout routines, and see real results fast, then BeachBody 21 Day Fix is the perfect program for you. 


Pricing & Where to Buy BeachBody 21 Day Fix

This comprehensive fitness and health program can be purchased for three monthly payments of $19.95 (plus shipping and handling). To learn more or get started on your weight loss journey today, visit BeachBody’s official 21 Day Fix website here.