PROS: One of the most popular online language education services; Easy to use; Convenient mobile apps; Native speaking instructors; Free or inexpensive price


CONS: Lessons are all pre-recorded; Courses can be difficult at times for beginning learners


BOTTOM LINE: If you want to improve your resume by adding another language to it, or you are heading overseas to Italy and would like to converse with the locals, Babbel is an online system that makes learning a language enjoyable, fairly simple, and fun.


SUMMARY: Babbel is an online education program for learning new languages that is also available via mobile apps for Android and iOS. Students can choose from among 14 languages, of which English is one, and receive instruction from native speakers.




What Is Babbel?

Learning a new language doesn’t have to be boring or time consuming. Babbel is a language learning app and website that is designed so that anyone of any age can learn a language and converse with people living in different countries. Babbel offers language courses in the learner’s native language and utilizes the individual’s grammar and vocabulary knowledge to improve the overall experience.


People learn in all different ways. Some learn best by hearing the language as it is spoken, while others much prefer to read material and sound out words. Babbel addresses each student’s unique learning type so that content is always relevant and easy to grasp for all audiences.


Our Findings

Babbel has 14 languages to choose from, so if you master one quickly, you can simply move on and master another. Spanish, Russian, Italian, Swedish, French, German, Norwegian, and Indonesian are among the several languages you can learn using this platform.


Audio examples and dialogues are all recorded by native speakers of the language you are studying. So, it’s not like a native English speaker teaching the nuances and pronunciation of the French language. Babbel states that all of its lessons are geared towards that particular language.


Lessons are conducted online via web browser. Additionally, Babbel’s mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS systems. Course progress syncs across all of your devices so that you can always finish up a lesson or pick up where you left off on either desktop or mobile. The app lessons are short and fresh and convenient, so that learners aren’t tied to their devices for extended periods of time. Once you’ve completed some lessons, utilize the Review Manager feature to determine how well you’ve retained the information.


Computers must be running Windows 7 or above or Mac OS X 10.9 or above.



Key Features

  • Mobile apps: One of the benefits of using the mobile app is that you can learn anywhere – while waiting for your friend at a restaurant or in between periods of a hockey game or as the mechanic changes the oil in your car.
  • Native speakers: Perhaps you never succeeded at high school Spanish because your teacher wasn’t a native speaker. With Babbel, students learn their lessons from instructors who have grown up speaking the language. It really is the best way to learn to properly speak a language.
  • Affordable price: Compared to other language tools, Babbel is a steal for the price. Even if you opt for the priciest package (which is the monthly subscription rate), you’ll still be paying much less than some of the more expensive language learning platforms out there.


Needs Improvement

  • Select courses can be quite challenging so some students may feel overwhelmed or find the courses to be difficult.
  • All of Babbel’s language courses were recorded at an earlier time so none of the lessons are live or personal.


User Skill/Experience Required

In terms of the overall technology, Babbel is intended to be user-friendly and simple. Lessons are conducted via web browser, so if the student is able to surf the web, he or she shouldn’t have any problems using this service.


Pricing & Where to Buy Babbel

It is completely free to register with Babbel, including one free first lesson in every course. For learners who want full access to all the courses in the language they’ve chosen to study, they can choose from various subscription plans:


  • A monthly subscription costs $12.95 
  • A quarterly subscription costs $8.95 per month (billed quarterly at $26.85)
  • Other options include the $7.45 per month plan (billed twice yearly at $44.70) or the $6.95 per month deal (billed annually at $83.40)


All plans come with a 20-day money-back guarantee, so if you aren’t pleased with Babbel, you just have to request a refund. Currently, Babbel is promoting a 25% discount on its annual subscription. With this promotion, the price comes down to just $62.55/year, which is a steal.


To read more information or start learning new languages, visit Babbel’s official website here.