PROS: A wealth of audio editing features, including burner and ripper tools; Ability to add sound effects to music; Free trial version


CONS: Heavily utilizes system resources; Only available for Windows systems; Limitations in the free trial and regular version until you pay for the Gold edition


BOTTOM LINE: While AV Music Morpher is used in music studios due to the essentials it offers for editing audio, the typical homebody can enjoy all the same functionality while learning how to alter audio tracks.


SUMMARY: AV Music Morpher is an editor software for audio files that takes the fun of experimenting with music to the next level. With a host of features and editing options, users learn the basics and finish tracks that sound like a professional created them. 


AV Music Morpher


What Does AV Music Morpher Do?

AV Music Morpher by Audio4Fun is a simple music editing software tool for Windows based systems that is crafted for users at any level to successfully alter audio files. Users can take songs and doctor them up, add exciting changes like turning a single into a duet, convert cassette music to digital, and design covers for their CDs and DVDs. There are ripper, burner, and a variety of other tools included as well.


Something that really makes AV Music Morpher unique is that it is highly usable for parties, events, and celebrations. Basically, you could forgo a DJ altogether, create some unique tunes with cutting edge features, and you’ve got yourself a party. When compared to the cost of a DJ, the price of Music Morpher has more than paid for itself if used for just one event.


Our Findings

There are plenty of great tasks for which you can use AV Music Morpher 5.0. With the paid Gold version, you can create a ringtone from a favorite song, remove a voice from a song, devise a duet from a single voice track, and convert a cassette tape to digital music. All of this can be accomplished in just a few simple steps, and Music Morpher walks you through each one.


Since we’re not all born sound engineers, Music Morpher has created a demo so that you can see for yourself all the great features and capabilities packed inside. In addition, there are several tutorials to teach the essentials of mixing voices, make covers for CDs, improve song quality, and more. Other support features include product manuals, FAQs, and a forum where users can present their questions and peers respond.


Should users require further assistance, support is offered through email, chat, and a toll-free phone line.


AV Music Morpher | Music Editing SoftwareAV Music Morpher Gold | Music Editing Software


Key Features

  • Audio conversion: Music Morpher converts audio into various formats from MP3 to WAV, WMA to MP3 or between supported formats including OGG, APE, AIF, IRC, NIST, AU, and more.
  • Ripper tool: With the aid of the ripper tool, users can pull favorite tracks off of CDs and copy them to the computer hard drive — which is a great way to build a dynamic library of favorite music.
  • Burner tool: Burn data to DVDs and CDs to play your music on the go or at events.
  • Digital Audio Recorder: Record from a microphone, CD, streaming file, or other audio source, and save those files to a format of your choosing.
  • Cover Editor: Once you’ve burned your music, create a vivid image for the tailored albums you’ve created. This feature works for CDs and DVDs.
  • Add Sound Effects: Why not make your music more you? Customize tracks with special sound effects from DirectX, VST, Fade-in, Fade-out, and Spectrum Peak. Music Morpher contains a large library of all different sound effects to pick from.
  • Guided tour demos
  • Tech support


Needs Improvement

  • The trial version of Music Morpher has quite a few limitations as compared to the Gold version, so it may be hard to gauge all the features without purchasing the software.
  • The program can be draining on system resources.
  • Only available for Windows systems.


User Skill/Experience Required

Although audio editing sounds difficult, this software makes it not only as simple as can be but also fun and rewarding. Music Morpher is used in music studios, but it’s ease-of-use functionality makes it a favorite for the home user.


Pricing & Where to Buy AV Music Morpher

There are different ways to go about trying and purchasing this software, but we believe the Gold version gives users the biggest bang for their buck.


  • AV Music Morpher is available in a trial edition for individuals who want to test it out before they decide to purchase. This demo version can be used for 10 days and has similar features to the Gold version, but with some limits.
  • AV Music Morpher retails at $29.95, and has some limitations as compared to the Gold version.
  • AV Music Morpher Gold retails at $99.95 with most of its features offered as unlimited.


To learn more, try for free, or purchase Music Morpher, visit AV’s official website here.