PROS: Undetectable spying; Extracts all target data; Secure Online Account; Simple to install and use; Easy-to-navigate platform; Can also be used for data recovery; No jailbreak required


CONS: No bundle purchase option to spy on more than one device


BOTTOM LINE: Auto Forward is a very powerful cell phone spy software that can easily extract text and MMS messages, calls, photos, videos, browser history, and all other mobile activity from a target’s phone, and display this information on an easy-to-use user dashboard.   


SUMMARY: Auto Forward provides extraction and recovery of all forms of data stored within iPhone and Android devices. Although it is a powerful software product for accessing data that may have otherwise been lost, it also serves as a highly useful cell phone spy tool. This software is easy to install and use, and only requires limited access to the target’s device. 


Auto Forward Spy

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What Does Auto Forward Spy Do?

Auto Forward enables parents and employers to monitor mobile activity on the target’s phone with ease. You can extract and view contacts, text messages, calls, photos, videos, browsing history, downloaded apps, files, games, and any other data located on your child’s or employee’s iPhone or Android-powered device. All you need to do is download the software to your own phone, laptop, or tablet and onto the target’s phone. Auto Forward then extracts any data you wish to view to an easy-to-navigate-and-read platform. 


Please note: Auto Forward Cell Phone Spy is meant for legal spying purposes. Parents of children and employers whose employees use company-provided phones are the most common customers.


Our Findings

Our testers found the Auto Forward Cell Phone Spy software to be incredibly easy to use. The download was simple, and the platform was a breeze to navigate. Once they purchased the software, they installed it using login details that were sent via email.


All that was needed was the Apple ID and password for iPhones, and testers only needed to access target Android phones long enough to discreetly install the software. Auto Forward then immediately sent all of the target’s extracted data to the tester’s Secure Online Account. Owners or users of the target phone never knew when Auto Forward was extracting or viewing their data.


Key Features

  • Undetectable spying
  • Extracts all target data
  • Secure Online Account
  • Simple to install and use
  • Easy-to-navigate platform
  • Can also be used for data recovery


Auto Forward Review | Top 5 Power Guide


User Skill/Experience Required

If you have ever downloaded and installed a mobile app, you can utilize this tool without hassle. The platform is simple to navigate, and extracted data is as clear and readable as a regular text message.


Pricing & Where to Buy Auto Forward

Auto Forward cell phone spy software can be purchased for the one-time fee of $69.95. To buy or learn more, visit Auto Forward’s official website here.