• Remote Access to the Target Device
  • Real-Time Data Extraction
  • Ability to Monitor Activities on Third-Party Apps
  • Compatible with all Android phones, iPhones, and iPads
  • Easy-to-Navigate Online Dashboard
  • Simple Installation Process
  • Reliable Data Recovery Feature
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • One-Time Payment
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades



  • Does not provide GEO Fencing.
  • GPS function was not accurate outside of the US.
  • The user dashboard was a bit plain although the data was well organized.


BOTTOM LINE: Auto Forward utilizes cutting-edge technology, providing remote real-time access to the monitored phone. It’s packed with advanced features that are easily accessible from a streamlined dashboard. Its automated processes and one-of-a-kind services surely provide great value for your money.


SUMMARY: Auto Forward is designed with monitoring features designed to work with all iOS and Android devices. It’s also programmed with algorithms capable of extracting data and recovering files that could have been otherwise lost or inaccessible. This cell phone spy software is easy to operate - from installation to navigation. Overall, it’s a powerful employee monitoring software and parental control tool.

To ensure the accuracy and genuineness of this Auto Forward review, we’ve tried utilizing the software on different iOS and Android devices. From app installation to dashboard navigation to data extraction - we’ve personally discovered what this program has to offer. To provide an overview, here’s a summary of the Auto Forward spy software.


Auto Forward Spy

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What Is Auto Forward Spy and What Does It Do? 

Auto Forward is software specifically programmed for spying, monitoring, and tracking cell phones and tablets. This phone application provides remote real-time access to the target phone by establishing a secure connection between the device and its servers. 

Making use of cutting-edge technology, this spy app is packed with advanced features. While it can also be utilized for other personal or business reasons, Auto Forward has been created for parents and employers. Regardless of your purpose, be sure to comply with federal and state laws when utilizing this program.

  • Child Monitoring

Aside from tracking and monitoring features, Auto Forward is loaded with various parental controls and security settings, making it an ideal tool for parents.

  • Employee Monitoring

Auto Forward is a  helpful tool for business processes. It can reliably keep employees from conducting non-work-related activities, driving higher productivity in the workplace. 


How Does Auto Forward Work? 

Like any other cell phone apps, anyone can utilize Auto Forward without hassle. Only your username and password are required to access the cloud-based control panel where text messages, call logs, browser history, social media platform activities (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), GPS location, and more are viewable.

To function properly, the Auto Forward cell phone spy app comprises multi-layered algorithms run by a streamlined series of commands. The developers, however, have managed to keep its interface simple and easy to use. 

Though it utilizes military-grade connection and encryption, it’s designed so less tech-savvy users can easily operate it. One wouldn’t need any other high-tech equipment or special skills to start monitoring phone activities and restoring valuable files. In fact, the user would only need to prepare these basic things.

  • Money for the one-time fee.
  • Access to a stable internet connection.
  • Active email address.
  • Compatible device to be spied on.
  • Any internet-enabled device.
  • User consent (this is specifically needed for legal employee monitoring).


How To Install Auto Forward

The Auto Forward installation is a straightforward process. To start, you simply have to navigate to and click on the Buy Now button. You will then be asked to choose which device you wish to monitor, and from there, you’ll be provided on-screen instructions.

Auto Forward for iOS

  1. Purchase – Purchase the Auto Forward iPhone Spy Software on their website.
  2. Activate – Once downloaded, you’ll be asked to input the license key and follow on-screen prompts on the target iPhone. The unique license key is typically sent separately to prevent piracy and breaches. 
  3. Monitor – Once everything’s set up, access your dashboard. This is where you can remotely access the target iPhone/iPad and remotely download reports.


Auto Forward for Android

  1. Download – To download the app on an Android device, aside from ensuring to meet device requirements, physical access to the target Android phone for approximately 45 will be needed.
  2. Activate – The download process will be done via an over-the-air (OTA) link where you’ll also be asked to input a unique license key for full activation.
  3. Monitor – Once everything’s set up, you’ll be assigned a unique username and password which you’ll utilize to access your personal control panel.


Key Features

Auto Forward spy app includes various features which could come in handy in certain circumstances like protecting a child from cyber threats, ensuring service quality in workplaces, or retrieving accidentally wiped out files from a personal device. 

The basic package alone comprises beneficial features that could help you, one way or another, in your day-to-day life. However, should you wish to unlock certain advanced features, jailbreaking an iPhone or rooting an Android phone might be required.

Auto Forward offers a seemingly endless list of functionalities. We’d like to highlight, however, these key features:

  • Straightforward installation process.
  • Reliable stealth mode; undetectable monitoring.
  • Automatic extraction and feeding of gathered information.
  • Efficient data recovery and file backup features.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-navigate general user interface.
  • Secure online account.
  • Knowledgeable live specialists.


Pricing & Package

Auto Forward enables users to monitor cell phones regardless of the brand, model, or OS version. Whether you’re availing of an Auto Forward iPhone spy software or its Android version, you could choose from two different packages – the Basic Plan or the Pro Plan.

Both packages grant you access to installed apps, a cloud-based control panel, comprehensible reports, and customer service. 

  • Basic Plan at $29.99 

Auto Forward charges you a one-time fee of $29.99 for their Basic Plan. This package grants you access to the software’s basic features like text and call monitoring, access to multimedia files, GPS tracking, internet activity monitoring, and more. 

  • Pro Plan at $6.99 Monthly Fee

Similarly, you’ll have to settle a $69.99 one-time payment for the Auto Forward Pro Plan. You’ll gain access to its basic functionalities plus advanced features like social media access, keylogger, geo-fencing, application/website blocking, and more.


Our Findings

This software offers advanced features at your disposal. Based on our tests and reviewing everything about Auto Forward, we highly recommend this software for your phone monitoring needs. It is, however, the responsibility of the end-user to comply with federal and state laws. Note that Auto Forward may only be utilized for legitimate and lawful purposes.