PROS: Quickly extracts email addresses; Saves time; Supports Windows and Mac OS X systems


CONS: Obtains email addresses without users’ consent


BOTTOM LINE: If you’re tired of spending so much time looking for new and potential business contacts online and would rather have the information delivered right to you, then Atomic Email Hunter will be your new best friend.


SUMMARY: Prospecting for new business is no longer a major chore. Atomic Email Hunter does the work by combing through websites based upon specific filters chosen by the user and delivers a bounty of discovered email addresses. Once this information is in hand, the user can create highly targeted contact lists in which to solicit business.


Atomic Email Hunter

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What Does Atomic Email Hunter Do?

Atomic Email Hunter (also called Atomic Email Extractor) is an easy-to-use tool that pulls email addresses off of a website with the intention of further building a list of contacts that can be used for mailing lists and email marketing services. This tool harvests email addresses from any site on the Internet and will also cull data from your own email account when using the Mailbox plugin. Customers who use Atomic Email Hunter can have potentially thousands of email addresses in their hands within minutes.


Our Findings

Atomic Email Hunter extracts email addresses from websites that contain passwords and by using keywords that you specifically select. Atomic Email Hunter supports Facebook, LinkedIn, and Craigslist platforms so that users can obtain quality email addresses from specially tailored searches.


The software works with both Windows and Mac OS X systems. It can also determine which country the contact is living in by either the domain or the webpage from which the address was extracted.


In some cases, not only will Atomic Email Hunter return with email addresses, but also contact names, which is extremely helpful for more developed lead gen purposes. This is considered a real treasure trove, because users can tailor email messages and offers by the name of the target, not just by the email address. The software is also typically useful in obtaining those difficult-to-find emails for users that marketing professionals consider to be good prospects.


A key benefit to using Atomic Email Hunter is that it is a real time saver. Trying to find email addresses on your own can be a hassle and a huge waste of time. Thankfully, with this program, there’s no more digging. Instead, the tool connects you directly with all email addresses associated with a specific company. Some people might think that such a tool is only encouraging spam, but that’s not true. Atomic Email Hunter gives you a link to the website from where it pulls the contact data, so it’s quite simply providing you with information that is already readily available. It’s just that some companies choose to carefully “hide” these details. The tool is simply saving you the extra steps and precious minutes in searching for them. Plus, you’ll end up with a list of contacts’ email addresses to use in better marketing your business as a result.


Atomic Email Hunter Review | Email Marketing Services


Key Features

  • Targeted Email Collection: Every sales rep or marketing firm wants better quality leads. By using AEH with focused filtering (i.e. only searching for URLs that have the word “contact” or “feedback” on them), the end result is more efficient and effective.
  • Self-Service Options: Several online tools are available for free to educate users on the workings of the program, including a helpful video series, a software manual, and a guidebook. When issues pop up, most of them can be solved by referring to and using these offerings.
  • Plugins: Searching websites works well on its own, but plugins for Craigslist and Facebook make the process so much more effective. The Facebook plugin searches the social media site to grab email address data as well as other information about the person using that address. The Craigslist plugin finds email addresses associated with that site and delivers them to you as well.  
  • Search Engine Accessibility: Atomic Email Hunter uses 42 different search engines, although only five are used as defaults. The user has the option to select from the other search engines or create a new one that may be more suited to their goals.
  • Supports Proxies: This feature, when selected, enables the user to stay anonymous and keeps his or her URL hidden.


Needs Improvement

Email addresses that are not in a standard form can be tricky to extract. Sometimes email addresses for one organization follow different formats (i.e. and When this is the case, the findings may not always be 100% accurate. The same goes for companies that use multiple URLs.


User Skill/Experience Required

Atomic Email Hunter is simple to use and no great technical skill is required to begin a search.


Pricing & Where to Buy Atomic Email Hunter

Atomic Email Hunter costs $79.85 per copy and can be purchased via AtomPark Software’s official website here.