An extensive mailing list of active and verified emails is a powerful tool for any business especially in the marketing or email campaign aspect. A tool like Atomic Email Hunter will greatly help in this, but just how much? Well, let’s see.


  • Extracts email addresses efficiently
  • Great time- and resource-saver for businesses
  • Supports Windows and MacOsX systems
  • Easy and convenient to use



  • Email addresses are not always obtained with the user’s consent
  • Has minor issues in extracting email addresses that are not in standard form


BOTTOM LINE: Atomic Email Hunter is a perfect partner for email marketers or businesses in general. You don’t have to waste valuable time and other resources to collect emails, Atomic Email Hunter will do that for you for a fairly competitive price.


SUMMARY: Atomic Email Hunter thoroughly combs through websites to help you build the best mailing list for your business. Email extraction will be based on specific filters that business owners set. It affords businesses the convenience of sending out bulk emails to targeted contact lists. As a result, businesses can expand their reach and better establish their brand.

Atomic Email Hunter

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What Is Atomic Email Hunter?

It is crucial to construct an effective email or SMS for business purposes especially when reaching out to prospective clients. In the same way, it’s also crucial to have an active and verified mailing list for businesses to send highly targeted campaign emails which will increase open rates, click-through rates, as well as sales. This is where Atomic Email Hunter comes in handy.

Atomic Email Hunter is a powerful tool that extracts email addresses from a website. This is done with the intention of building mailing lists for an effective email marketing campaign. Email addresses can be harvested from any site as well as from the business’ email account via the Mailbox plugin.


Here’s a list of some of the great things Atomic Email Hunter can do.

  • Extract Email Addresses from Specific Website

You can choose a specific website from which to extract email addresses using Atomic Email Hunter. Simply enter the URL for your preferred website and it will proceed on extracting emails from said website. Email addresses can also be retrieved from pages that require a login and password.

  • Extract Email Addresses Using Keywords

This web email extractor can also search sites that match specific keywords and then proceed to extract email addresses from said sites. This will let businesses build a mailing list composed of their target audience.

  • Detect Country of Origin

Atomic Email Hunter can also guess where the email owner is from; this would help in sending out bulk emails where content is tailored for people of a particular demographic like location. This is done by checking on the domain as well as the webpage from which the email address was extracted.

  • Mailbox Plugin

Atomic Email Hunter also comes with a Mailbox Plugin that allows you to search emails from your own mailbox. The Mailbox Plugin extracts the email addresses of the people you’ve had correspondence with as well as email addresses that were merely mentioned in the emails or even text messages.

  • New Plugins

Atomic Email Hunter also several plugins for more efficient email extraction. The Facebook Plugin can extract information like email address, name, company website, etc. from your target audience on Facebook. It can also comb through Facebook pages and groups. The same is true with the Twitter Plugin.


How To Use Atomic Email Hunter

If you’re looking to collect high-quality contacts and create targeted email lists, then Atomic Email Hunter is the perfect tool. It automatically extracts emails from any website on the internet, even from web pages requiring a log-in and password. It also lets you extract email addresses from your email accounts. This powerful tool can even identify the address or location of the owner of the email address.


To enjoy the full benefits of Atomic Email Hunter, do the following:

  • Go to the official website and click on the Download button.
  • Go to the Purchasing page and fill in the order form to buy a registration key.


Register your downloaded program by entering your registration key. Also, make sure to install and run Atomic Email Hunter as a user with administrator permissions in Windows.


Key Features of Atomic Email Hunter

Atomic Email Hunter is a perfectly secure tool that will be of great help in expanding your reach and driving sales. It is a convenient business solution offering a wide array of features

  • Targeted Email Extraction

Atomic Email Hunter will help in building a high-quality email leads list for a more effective marketing campaign. It can perform focused and filtered searches using AEH which makes for a more efficient process and effective end-result.

  • Great Plugins

While this tool can perform web searches on its own, various plugins will help to further narrow down such searches. For instance, you can utilize the Facebook Plugin to comb through Facebook groups, pages, and personal accounts for email addresses and other relevant information.

  • Search Engine Accessibility

Atomic Email Hunter makes use of 42 different search engines with five of them utilized as defaults. You can select from the other search engines or even create a new one that is more in line with the end result you’re aiming for.

  • Proxy Support

The supported proxies allow users to stay anonymous and keep their URL hidden.


Atomic Email Hunter Pricing

Atomic Email Hunter can be availed for as low as $89.9 per copy. If you visit the AtomPark Software official website, you can also check out other products that can be utilized effectively with Atomic Email Hunter.


You can avail of their Atomic Email Studio bundle which for only $229. This includes the:

  • Atomic Email Hunter (regularly priced at $89.9)
  • Atomic Email Sender (regularly priced at $89.9)
  • Atomic Email Verifier (regularly priced at $69.85)
  • Plus 6 more useful tools

Furthermore, you can save more if you buy more bundles.

  • $183.2 for 3 Bundles (3 months of Atomic Email Tracker included).
  • $160.3 for 5 Bundles (6 months of Atomic Email Tracker included).
  • $148.85 for 10 Bundles (12 months of Atomic Email Tracker included).


Our Findings

Atomic Email Hunter is indeed a great business solution, particularly for email campaigns. It is indeed a convenient way to build high-quality mailing lists without spending too much valuable company resources. 

  • Extract email addresses from any website (even bypassing log-ins and passwords)
  • Works on both Windows and Mac OS X
  • Determines the location of the email address owner
  • Enables email address extraction using keywords
  • Safe to download and easy to use